Graffiti along freeway in Center Line investigated

By: Brian Wells | Warren Weekly | Published October 21, 2022


CENTER LINE — Center Line City Manager Dennis Champine said there will be a thorough investigation into graffiti bearing “phallic symbols” and “racist and homophobic words” found in the city.

In a press release sent Oct. 18, Champine said black and orange spray paint was used to deface private fencing of multiple residences along Potomac Avenue and the city’s sound barrier wall along the Interstate 696 service drive.

“The suspect or suspects of this crime spray painted phallic symbols, racist and homophobic words on both private fencing and public property, he said in a statement.

While the city hadn’t yet received formal complaints, Champine filed one on behalf of the city.

“The city of Center Line is a community of acceptance and inclusion. We are a diverse community with residents and businesses of many different races, cultures and sexual orientation,” he said in a statement.

The press release said that Mayor Bob Binson was disappointed and angered when he learned of the issue.

“This kind of behavior will not be tolerated, and we will prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of (the) law,” he said in a statement. “This is not who we are, therefore, I have requested a full investigation by the Public Safety (Department) hoping that we can identify the offenders and send a very clear message that this behavior will not be tolerated by the city or the community as a whole.”

The city’s Department of Public Works is working to remove the graffiti by painting over it, cleaning it and sandblasting it.

“We have our team getting rid of the graffiti and working to identify the offender(s),” Champine said in a statement. “We want residents, businesses and visitors to know that Center Line is a diverse, equitable and inclusive community, which has always been one of the great things about our small town. Hate by those who do not accept people for who they are or what they stand for will not be tolerated in Center Line.”