Police searching for suspect in hit-and-run that injured 2 people

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby-Utica News | Published September 21, 2022


UTICA — At approximately 11:34 p.m. July 29, officers were dispatched to 8100 Hall Road for a report of a pedestrian personal injury accident that occurred in the intersection of Hall Road and Van Dyke Avenue.

A driver involved reportedly had struck the pedestrians and fled from the scene without identifying himself or rendering aid.

Sgt. Vince Ranelli, from the Utica Police Department, said that when officers arrived, the pedestrians were conscious but injured and bleeding.

“Officers arrived on scene and observed a group of approximately five people rendering aid to a white male sitting in the grass on the east side of Van Dyke, in front of the address. The male was conscious but had blood running down his face, and a white female was putting pressure on the wound with paper towels,” he said via email.

In the incident, a red Chevy Monte Carlo was stopped in one lane of southbound Van Dyke at Hall Road for a red light, and a silver Chevy sedan with an unknown male driver was in a second lane at the same light. When the light turned green, the silver sedan accelerated rapidly and changed lanes into the Monte Carlo’s lane, cutting off the Monte Carlo in the process. The sedan then collided with the male and female pedestrians as they were crossing the street. The sedan braked suddenly, causing the driver of the red Monte Carlo to rear-end the sedan. The sedan then sped off.

Police are reaching out to the public to see if anyone has any information about the crash.

According to police, the vehicle that fled had a bumper sticker that said “snitches” or “stitches” on it. The vehicle was believed to be a newer model Chevy sedan — either a Malibu or an Impala. The driver was described as a white male with dark hair and a black tank top.

Both pedestrians reportedly have been released from the hospital. Police are still searching for the suspect. Call (586) 731-2345 with information.