Clawson Police Department issues departmental awards

By: Sarah Wojcik | Royal Oak Review | Published March 28, 2021


CLAWSON — During the March 16 Clawson City Council meeting, Clawson Police Chief Scott Sarvello announced the 2020 departmental awards for police officers and a resident of the city.

Nominated by members of the Clawson Police Department and evaluated by an internal awards committee, the annual awards honor the achievements of both police officers and citizens for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Sgt. Jody Horne, who has been a member of the Clawson Police Department since 2005, received the 2020 Police Officer of the Year award. Sarvello credited Horne for his dedication to the department and community, as well as his leadership roles in the department’s training programs.

“Sgt. Horne assisted in getting the first-ever citizens police academy off the ground last year, even though it was hampered by the pandemic,” Sarvello said.

Horne said he was not expecting to receive the highest departmental honor and credited his team and community with the award.

“For being a great officer, a great human being and a great neighbor to all of us, thank you,” Mayor Pro Tem Paula Millan told Horne during the virtual meeting.

Police officers Dale Mills and Adam Nemer-Kaiser received a departmental citation for their patience and professionalism during a domestic violence call April 11.

“It was reported a male subject had pushed his fiancée down and had poured gasoline on a vehicle in the driveway,” Sarvello said. “The male exited the home holding a shotgun. He ignored all verbal commands from officers, but while negotiating, set the shotgun down for an unknown reason on the porch and entered the home.”

He said Mills was able to move quickly to take possession of the loaded shotgun, and when the suspect exited the home and aggressively approached both officers, they were able to take him into custody and petitioned for him to be admitted to a hospital for evaluation.

Commendations went to officer Darryl Adams and resident Susan Watt for their action at approximately 2 a.m. Feb. 12.

Watt, who attended the inaugural citizens police academy and also serves on the city’s Traffic and Safety Board, reported to police that there were three suspicious vehicles parked on Highland Avenue and that people who were going from car to car fled when Adams arrived.

“Officer Adams observed those vehicles speeding down 14 Mile and was able to get one stopped, while the other two fled into Royal Oak at a high speed,” Sarvello said. “The investigation revealed the vehicles were involved in car thefts from the Troy Motor Mall on West Maple.”

Adams discovered stolen property from the thefts inside the vehicle he stopped, and Troy police used the information to help them identify the suspects in their auto theft investigation.

“It’s just what I do. I have to keep an eye out on the neighborhood,” Watt said. “I was scared when I looked out and saw all this action going on. I had no idea what they were going to do, so the first thing I thought was, ‘Let’s call the police,’ because I wasn’t going out there.”

Adams received another commendation for his actions Nov. 18, when he checked on the welfare of a subject who was pushing a shopping cart along 14 Mile Road. Although the individual said he was fine, Sarvello said, Adams purchased food and a beverage for the man.

“These are the stories I like to hear, of officers going above and beyond to make sure people are safe and healthy,” Sarvello said. “This was in the middle of the night — officer Adams works midnights.”

Finally, officer Paul Darr received a commendation for showing kindness to a single father and his 4-year-old son after being called to do a welfare check Nov. 15.

Sarvello said concerned neighbors called police to their apartment due to noise and crying. While Darr discovered the child was fine and in the proper care of his father, he determined the family might be in need of children’s items.

“Although it was not asked for by the citizen, he took it upon himself to gather items his children had outgrown and dropped them off on the doorstep with a note,” Sarvello said.

Darr said he was touched by how attentive the father was in trying to entertain his son and identified the toys and games his children had outgrown as being perfect for the 4-year-old.

For more information, call the Clawson Police Department at (248) 435-5000.