Troy High boys lacrosse close to putting it all together

By: Christian Davis | Troy Times | Published May 11, 2011

 Troy High senior Nolan Dardzinski looks for his shot against West Bloomfield High earlier this season.

Troy High senior Nolan Dardzinski looks for his shot against West Bloomfield High earlier this season.

Photo by Donna Agusti


TROY — For Troy High boys golf coach Towbey Kassa, the record doesn’t reflect the talent his team possesses.

The Colts were 3-8 at press time, but three of the losses were by three goals or less, and none of them were by double digits.

“These kids are playing really, really well right now,” Kassa said. “We just need to execute in the later stages of the game, and we’ll be fine. This is probably one of the best Troy teams since 2005.”

The execution Kassa refers to is simply scoring goals.

“We’re just not finishing. You can’t have 26 shots and only score four times,” he said. “You have to put the ball in the back of the net. The game plan is there. They know what to do — they just have to finish.”

Kassa believes much of the issue comes from inexperience. Though the Colts are talented, they don’t have much varsity experience amongst them.

Troy’s roster consists of 10 seniors, 15 juniors, three sophomores and a freshman.

“We’re going to be the next powerhouse, next year and years to come,” he said.

Until then, Kassa is trying to teach the kids how to light up the scoreboard.

“When you put a goalie in net, now you need to learn how to shoot around a goalie,” he said.

To help, the Colts have been working on using a fake to bait the goalie and changing the plane of their shot.

“I think they’re actually starting to get it,” Kassa said. “If we can fine-tune these things, we’ll be ready for the playoffs.”

Kassa admits it can be trying, for the kids and him, when shots are on net, but don’t find the back of it.

“I think we both get frustrated, but we learned in the first half of the season that we can’t dwell on it,” he said. “We worked on letting go of the bad stuff. It’s frustrating for me, because I see them do it in practice. I know they can do it, but it’s just being so young.

“Not every shot is going to be perfect. In the end, it’s hard work, dedication and mentally preparing yourself to move on to the next shot.”

The Colts have four more shots at improving their record before the playoffs begin.

“I think we can make a very, very strong run,” Kassa said. “The record doesn’t speak for itself, but we’re a team peaking at the right moment. Some peak too fast or not at all. I think we’re progressively peaking at the right pace.”