Sharron Pinheiro owns More Than a Mat Yoga in Mount Clemens. She described it as a yoga “community.”

Sharron Pinheiro owns More Than a Mat Yoga in Mount Clemens. She described it as a yoga “community.”

Photo by Alex Szwarc

Woman returns home to start yoga ‘community’

By: Alex Szwarc | Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published October 27, 2021


MOUNT CLEMENS — Sharron Pinheiro says it’s more than just yoga. It’s a “community.”

More Than a Mat Yoga opened in mid-September. It is located at 101 Church St. in Mount Clemens, behind Mount Clemens Middle/High School.

“More Than a Mat Yoga is a community, here to create a judgement-free space for every age, size, shape and color,” Pinheiro said.

The business provides yoga classes, workshops and retreats, guiding folks along their yoga journey, from beginners to advanced yogis. It offers body-positive yoga classes, deeper-dive series and workshops, along with private yoga instruction, yoga therapy and massage for whole-body wellness.

“Part of our mission is to support one’s journey to positive change,” Pinheiro said. “This means our classes are not what most assume are only ‘exercise.’ Although most yoga does have an exercise facet, our classes are holistic in that the instructors also guide students to look inward and contemplate how to make their own changes to benefit themselves in a positive manner.”

Up to 18 people can be in each class. In the first month of business, about five people attended each class.

Pinheiro, 55, of Ray Township, owns the business, which is in a 1,100-square-foot building. The building had been vacant for two years. Prior to that, it operated as a candy shop and barber shop.

She was raised in Clinton Township, moved to California for five years and then moved back to Michigan. Prior to opening the yoga studio, Pinheiro owned a skincare company for 12 years, at 21 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue.

“This is my home,” Pinheiro said. “I had a great childhood around here.”

Classes offered include aging with balance, slow flow, mixed level and candlelight classes. It offers 20 classes a week, with a dozen instructors.

“We have everything from beginner yoga to vinyasa,” Pinheiro said. “We do yoga 101, a four-week class that starts with basic philosophy and foundational poses.”  

Pinheiro said she hand-picked the instructors, each of whom have their own distinct personality.

Connecting the Mount Clemens neighborhood with yoga, Pinheiro said, is vital.

“We put ourselves here on purpose,” she said. “Half of our people walk to class. We want to get local people in.”

Mount Clemens Mayor Laura Kropp said the opening of the studio signals that Mount Clemens has had a pretty significant resurgence of businesses coming to the city, and that the wellness industry is again gaining strength.

“Whatever we’re doing for economic development is working,” she said. “We’ve added nine new businesses.”

Speaking of the wellness industry, Kropp noted that, once upon a time, the city was the home of mineral baths.

“Now, we seem to be the wellness capital of Macomb County,” the mayor said. “We have natural path doctors, yoga instructors and several wellness focused businesses in downtown Mount Clemens.”

Kropp believes Mount Clemens is going to be known as a health and natural wellness center.

Having done yoga classes for about five years, Pinheiro thought it would be great for folks to patronize a yoga business that incorporates a little of what she likes about other studios.

“We need to do something where people can come and not feel embarrassed,” she said.  

The business was one of the vendors at Mount Clemens’ holistic fair in September.

Monthly memberships and class packages are available.

The studio is open a half hour before and after every class. Hours will depend on the day. To learn more, visit