Troy City Council approves salary increases for city manager, attorney

By: Jonathan Shead | Troy Times | Published May 14, 2021






TROY — Troy City Manager Mark Miller and City Attorney Lori Bluhm were approved for salary increases April 20, after City Council members unanimously approved two resolutions pertaining to the raises at their meeting.

“This is our request for a salary increase, and what we have requested is the increases that are consistent with the increases that were received by the rest of city employees. I wanted to indicate that we have not had increases in our salary since 2019,” Bluhm told council members at the meeting. “We’re thankful for your consideration, and we’re hopeful you will grant our request for increases.”

The city manager has a current salary of $167,760, and the city attorney currently has a salary of $155,807, Troy Community Affairs Director Cindy Stewart said in an email. The City Council had to set the annual salary of its direct reports before May 1, with any salary increases taking effect July 1.

The City Council previously tabled the consideration to approve salary increases for the two positions at the body’s May 18, 2020, virtual meeting. Council members passed a resolution at that May 18, 2020, meeting declaring that they agreed to consider retroactive salary adjustments at a later time.

The city manager’s salary has not increased since Jan. 1, 2019, and the city attorney’s last raise went into effect July 1, 2019.

City Council member David Hamilton confirmed the salary increases are consistent with raises received by other city staff, and he acknowledged the work both staff members have done for the community.

“I think the city manager has done a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances. This is well deserved,” he said. “(Bluhm) has done an incredible job in extremely difficult circumstances these last few years. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

The city manager will receive a retroactive salary increase of 2.5%, effective July 1, 2019; a retroactive salary increase of 2.5%, effective July 1, 2020; a retroactive salary increase of 1%, effective Jan. 9, 2021; and a forthcoming salary increase of 2.5%, effective July 1, 2021, for a total compounding 8.76% raise.

Bluhm received a 2.5% salary increase on July 1, 2019, through a previous council resolution, Troy Human Resources Director Jeanette Menig said in an email. She will receive the retroactive raises from July 1, 2020, and Jan. 9, 2021, as well as a future 2.5% salary increase effective July 1, 2021, for a total compounding 6.1% increase.

Miller’s salary will jump to $182,455 after the increase, and Bluhm’s salary will rise to $165,331, both after July 1.

Salaries for classified and exempt employees, such as city employees, are evaluated and determined with the help of GovHR, an independent contractor.

“(Miller) and (Bluhm), thank you for all the work you have done for us on behalf of the city these past several years, in many respects. We know you’re operating on extra cylinders as we were through COVID, and we thank you,” Mayor Ethan Baker said at the April 20 meeting. “Just so the public is clear, there’s been performance reviews and other aspects of this that are not being discussed right now currently, but this is not just coming out of nowhere.”

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