Peter J. Lucido was sworn in as Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Jan. 4 by Judge Sebastian Lucido. Peter Lucido’s wife Ann Marie is standing next to him.

Peter J. Lucido was sworn in as Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Jan. 4 by Judge Sebastian Lucido. Peter Lucido’s wife Ann Marie is standing next to him.

Photo by Alex Szwarc

Lucido sworn in as Macomb County prosecutor

By: Alex Szwarc | C&G Newspapers | Published January 4, 2021


MACOMB COUNTY — Seconds prior to reciting the oath of office, Peter Lucido commented it’s something he’s been ready to do since the day he was born.

The 60-year-old former state senator from Shelby Township took the oath to become Macomb County prosecuting attorney the morning of Jan. 4. He was elected prosecutor Nov. 3.

The ceremony occurred inside the Macomb County Administration Building in Mount Clemens. The oath was administered by Sebastian Lucido, chief judge of the 41-B District Court, and Peter Lucido’s cousin.

To his knowledge, Peter Lucido told C&G Newspapers it’s been at least 80 years since a Republican held the office of Macomb County Prosecutor.

Peter Lucido received over 25,000 more votes than Democrat challenger Mary Chrzanowski.

In his remarks, the prosecutor said 2021 is a new year, a new dawn, a new day and a new beginning for the office.

In the year prior to Peter Lucido taking office, former Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith was charged with 10 felonies by the state of Michigan, resigned from office and was federally charged.

“I’ll assure you that with hard work, guts, and with pride, all of us are resilient enough to endure 2021 and embrace this future,” Peter Lucido said.

Quoting his mother, he said that change is good, because with change comes growth.

“We represent the victims of Macomb County, and the victims that come through our county,” he said. “It’s our privilege and honor to serve as a prosecutor because we have the highest trust of the people and none of us want to tarnish that.”

Peter Lucido concluded his comments discussing the Prosecutor’s Office being the steward of public trust.

“The public was gracious enough to give us the honor to do this job,” he said. “The taxpayers want to see results. All of us want to see results.”

Ralph “Skip” Maccarone, the prosecutor’s transition team chief assistant, and Deputy Chief Assistant James Langtry will serve in a part-time capacity on the transition team, splitting the salary of one vacant position.

Langtry formerly worked as the Macomb County chief assistant prosecutor, retiring a year ago, before immediately being rehired as a “special prosecutor.” Maccarone is a former member of the Detroit Police Department and previously worked as Shelby Township supervisor.   

Maccarone thanked Jean Cloud for her invaluable service to the office “during a very difficult time.” Cloud had been acting prosecutor since the spring.

“I’ve had the privilege of holding a number of interim offices for this county over time and this is the highpoint for me,” Maccarone said.

Following Lucido’s swearing in, Macomb County 16th Circuit Court Chief Judge James Biernat, Jr. swore in all assistant prosecuting attorneys who were present.

Speaking to the assistant attorneys, Lucido said they all have special talents, and in the future, will sit down with each one to hear from them on what is important in their role, and how they can deliver to the county.

“I believe that our ethics are the most important part of this job, because without ethics, you don’t have the public’s trust,” he said. “I want to restore that same faith, resilience, truth and honor of the profession.”

The prosecutor’s office consists of 58 attorneys and 57 support personnel.