Genter, Wozniak advance to general election for partial term in state Senate

By: Kara Szymanski | C&G Newspapers | Published August 4, 2021

 Residents throughout the Michigan Senate 8th District voted in the Aug. 3 primary.

Residents throughout the Michigan Senate 8th District voted in the Aug. 3 primary.

Photo by Kristyne E. Demske


MACOMB COUNTY — Voters in the Michigan Senate’s 8th District Aug. 3 chose the winners of the Democratic and Republican primaries who will compete for a partial term in the Nov. 2 general election. Martin Robert Genter prevailed on the Democratic side, while Doug Wozniak won on the Republican side.

Unofficial election results from the Macomb County Clerk’s Office show Genter won the two-candidate race in the Democratic Party primary with a total of 9,562 votes to candidate John Bill’s 3,999 votes.

Genter said he would like to thank all his supporters and the Democratic Party.

“I am grateful for this victory, but I know the real challenge is in November and it’s going to be an uphill battle. Mr. Wozniak is running a great campaign and is going to be a very strong opponent. My plan for the future is to try to really consolidate the support for the Democratic Party in the district and get people excited enough to get out to vote in November,” he said.

For the Republican Party primary, Wozniak received a total of 9,510 votes to prevail in a seven-candidate field. Wozniak, of Shelby Township, is the current District 36 representative in the Michigan House. 

Wozniak could not immediately be reached for comment.

Coming in second in the Republican primary was current state Rep. Pamela Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township, who represents District 32. Hornberger received a total of 7,861 votes. Terence Mekoski placed third with a total of 5,553 votes. Mary Berlingieri received 2,050 to finish fourth. Kristi Dean received 666 votes, Bill Carver received 645 votes and Grant Golasa received 372 votes to complete the totals on the Republican side.

The Senate seat used to be Republican Peter Lucido’s, but he vacated it when voters elected him as Macomb County Prosecutor last November. Whoever wins Nov. 2 between Genter and Wozniak will serve a partial term of approximately one year that will expire Jan. 1, 2023.

Shelby Township voters renew millages

Shelby Township voters Aug. 3 overwhelmingly approved millage renewals for police services and for police and fire pensions. 

The police services millage, which is the primary source of funding for general police operations — including personnel, vehicles and equipment — passed with a total of 9,692 votes in favor of it and 2,493 votes against it. In terms of percentages, 79.5% voted for it and 20.5% voted against it.

The police and fire pension millage renewal passed with 9,523 votes in favor of it and 2,663 votes against it — percentages of 78.1% in favor and 21.9% against. The millage funds retiree pension costs and pays down the retiree pension debt that the township took on to fully fund the pension system in 2014.

Both millages originally were approved by voters in 2002 for 20 years. The renewals maintain the same millage rates approved in 2002 — 2.73 mills for police services, 0.5 mills for the pension fund — for the next 20 years, 2023 to 2042. The police services millage renewal is estimated to collect more than $10 million in its first year, and the pension millage renewal is expected to collect more than $1.8 million in its first year.

Township Supervisor Rick Stathakis in a press release last month stated that the two millages would maintain the 9.2999 local millage rates that fund all of the township’s departments and services.

“Those rates have not increased since 2008, and they will not change while I am in office,” he stated in the press release.