Electrical wiring sparks blaze in warehouse

By: Terry Oparka | C&G Newspapers | Published May 20, 2020


Employees at a large, one-story warehouse for a statewide road painting contractor on Barrett Drive, near Maple and Crooks roads, called firefighters just after 5:30 a.m. May 14 to report a haze of smoke in the warehouse. 

According to the press release, the employees said they had smelled smoke in the warehouse for the past 36 hours. 

Firefighters arrived to find no flames or sign of fire, and all occupants were outside of the warehouse, according to the release. 

Crews did a systematic search of the building to locate the source of the fire. 

After an hour, firefighters found the source of the fire — wooden trusses had come in contact with electrical wiring in an area above the ceiling, causing the wood to smolder, according to the press release. 

Crews extinguished several small fires within the insulated ceiling space, according to the release. 

Firefighters disconnected the electrical power to the area and advised the building occupant to have an electrician investigate and make repairs, according to the release. 

No one was hurt. Occupancy into the building is being restricted until repairs are made. 

The rest of the business was not reportedly affected by the fire. Damage estimates were incomplete.