Donation makes way for workout equipment in St. Clair Shores park

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published August 7, 2020

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ST. CLAIR SHORES — Thanks to a donation from a local health care provider, Veterans Memorial Park will soon sport new fitness equipment to help residents stay in shape.

“We’ll be able to put up 10 different stations throughout the park,” Parks and Recreation Director Henry Bowman told City Council July 20.

City Council approved the purchase of 10 pieces of equipment from Game Time at a cost of $19,990.55. The money for the equipment was donated to the Parks and Recreation Department by Ascension St. John in April.

Bowman said he is always looking to give residents more things to do in the parks and “this will be something else for them to do to meet their fitness goals.”

A balance board station, high and low pushup station, chin-up bar, situp/back extension apparatus, knee lift station, in-ground leg extension, in-ground cardio walker and an Americans with Disabilities Act chest press station, along with two fitness signposts, will be spread throughout Veterans Memorial Park, 32400 Jefferson Ave.

“We are looking at more of the back of the park,” Bowman said, including the beach area. The equipment will be able to withstand weather conditions, he said.

“This is nice, in these tough times, to be able to do something nice for our residents,” said Councilwoman Candice Rusie. “Upgrades to a park that gets a lot of use.”

She equated the equipment to “playground equipment for adults” and said residents have asked in the past for equipment such as this for St. Clair Shores parks.

Bowman said the equipment will be installed by employees of St. Clair Shores and will include safety surfacing of engineered wood chips, just like under the playgrounds. Employees sanitize equipment in the parks on an hourly basis, he said, and this equipment will be sanitized on the same rotation.

Mayor Kip Walby praised the equipment as “a nice amenity at Veterans.”

Bowman said the equipment would be installed as soon as it could be purchased, hopefully this year.