Fraser High graduate and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi, left, is pictured with his radio broadcast partner, Matt Taylor.

Fraser High graduate and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi, left, is pictured with his radio broadcast partner, Matt Taylor.

Photo provided by Jim Sorgi

Jim Sorgi reflects on his journey from youth football to the NFL

By: Mark Vest | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published February 11, 2020


FRASER — Fraser High graduate and former NFL quarterback Jim Sorgi recently recalled the day when his life changed dramatically.

After graduating from Fraser in 1999, Sorgi went on to play for the University of Wisconsin.

After throwing for more than 2,000 yards and tossing 17 touchdowns in his senior season with the Badgers, Sorgi was in position to be an NFL draft pick.

However, Sorgi “was the guy that could be drafted anywhere from (the) second, third round, all the way to undrafted.”

He was at home in Michigan with family nearby for the first day of the draft in April of 2004.

No NFL team came a-calling that day, and Sorgi was admittedly a little upset.

On the second day, Sorgi remained undrafted through the fourth and fifth rounds.

He decided to go for a drive. After returning, Sorgi recalled that the Indianapolis Colts were on the clock for what was to be the 193rd pick in the sixth round of the draft.

Then came a life-changing phone call.

“All of a sudden, I got a call from a 317, Indianapolis area code,” Sorgi said. “My dad answered the phone; he handled the whole phone call. I think they thought he was I. … It was jubilation. … One of the best days of my life.”

Sorgi went on to backup Peyton Manning for six years. Sorgi played in two Super Bowls with the Colts, including the team’s championship season in 2007.

Despite all the success he has had, Sorgi’s path to being an NFL quarterback wasn’t exactly a straight one.

After taking up football when he was 9 years old and being put on the offensive line of his youth team, the former Harrison Township resident decided to quit.

Sorgi returned to the game when he was a seventh grader at L’Anse Creuse South Middle School.

However, it wasn’t during his middle school years that Sorgi took on the role of quarterback.

“It wasn’t till I started going to Fraser High School where they needed a quarterback,” he said. “The quarterback was on vacation or something like that. They asked me if I wanted to do it. I said no, but then I went out for a pass and somebody tried to throw me a ball, and I was like, ‘I’m never going to catch a ball if these are the quarterbacks we’re going to have on our team.’ So, I asked if I could give it a try. … I’ve been a quarterback ever since.”

Sorgi went on to set 17 school passing records at Fraser and was a first team All-State selection his senior season. He was ranked as the No. 1 high school quarterback in Michigan.

Fraser has since retired Sorgi’s number.

Sorgi has fond recollections of his high school.

“I love Fraser,” he said. “I loved playing football, basketball, baseball at Fraser. … My time at Fraser was fantastic.”

Aside from his football skills, Sorgi was also proficient in other sports. He lettered in baseball and basketball.

He acknowledged his high school coaches, Ray Barr, Mario Borrocci and Marshall Wandrei, who coached him in football, baseball and basketball, respectively.

Sorgi currently resides in Indiana with his wife and three boys.

Along with business ventures, he also does broadcasting work for the Colts.

All of that after Sorgi said “no” to being a quarterback.

“I tell my boys, ‘Don’t be afraid to do something; you never know where it might take (you); where it might lead to,’” Sorgi said. “For me, it took me to a career. It took me to Wisconsin, then Indiana. Took me to marry my wife and have three boys. … And I said no at first. … It’s amazing sometimes how God works in mysterious ways. But it’s funny how things happen and your path in life is kind of designed for you.”