Voters elect Mekoski to represent District 36 in Michigan House

By: David Wallace, Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published May 4, 2022




SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Voters in District 36 elected Republican Terence Mekoski May 3 to represent them in the Michigan Legislature through the end of the year.

With 100% of precincts reporting as of 11:38 p.m. May 3, the official election results from the Macomb County Clerk’s Office showed that Mekoski received 7,834 votes to Democrat James Diez’s 5,316 votes. District 36 includes the majority of precincts in Shelby Township and all of Bruce and Washington townships.

“I am truly blessed and honored to be the people’s choice to represent them in the 36th district of Michigan as their State Representative,” Mekoski said in an email to C & G Newspapers. “The citizens of this district have been unrepresented for over four months since this seat was vacated on January 1, 2022, and it is my intention to immediately fight and bring their voice to Lansing.”

Mekoski received the majority of votes in all three townships. In Shelby Township, Mekoski received 4,485 votes to Diez’s 3,253. In Washington Township, Mekoski received 2,525 votes to Diez’s 1,553 votes. Bruce Township voters preferred Mekoski by a vote of 824-510.

The vast majority of voters cast their ballots as absentees; only 1,385 voters went to the polls on May 3 for Mekoski, and only 582 voters went to the polls on May 3 for Diez.

“I would like to congratulate (Terence) Mekoski on his win. I wish him the best. I (would) also like to thank all of those who supported and volunteered (on) my campaign. They really moved the needle from a 70/30 R/D to a 59/41 R/D (margin), over a 10-point improvement,” Diez said in an email to C & G Newspapers.

Mekoski’s partial term will expire in approximately eight months on Jan. 1, 2023. Republican Doug Wozniak originally won the term in November of 2020. When Peter Lucido won election as Macomb County prosecutor that same night, he was at the time serving in the Michigan Senate. He left the Senate to become prosecutor, and Wozniak then won a special election in November of 2021 to finish the remainder of Lucido’s unexpired Senate term, which will expire Jan. 1, 2023. Wozniak’s election to the Senate created the District 36 vacancy that Mekoski has now filled.

Mekoski said that he heard a lot of concerns from voters.

“We need to address their issues of concern that were shared with me while talking to the voters for months as we campaigned and knocked doors in this community,” Mekoski said. “Election integrity for everyone’s vote to count as this is a non-partisan issue, the rights of the unborn, taxation of our seniors, as well as the CRT being taught to our children and grandchildren, to name a few. I am bringing full transparency and accountability to this office and standing up for ‘we the people’ in our Michigan government. I have been a proven community servant for my entire career defending the law as a law enforcement officer, and I look forward to continuing my service in the Michigan House of Representatives. We all need to remember that the people elect their representation in this great country of ours and we work for ‘the people.’”