Team Wellness Center is expanding the availability of its opioid treatment program and ensuring that there are no wait times for those seeking help.

Team Wellness Center is expanding the availability of its opioid treatment program and ensuring that there are no wait times for those seeking help.

Photo provided by Karlton Akins

Team Wellness Center expands opioid addiction services

By: Brendan Losinski | C&G Newspapers | Published October 2, 2020

METRO DETROIT — Treatment options for those suffering from opioid addiction are now easier to obtain as Team Wellness Center is launching an expansion of its opioid treatment programming.

The expansion is designed to offer treatment assistance 24 hours a day and seven days a week with no wait times so people can begin receiving addiction assistance immediately.

“We have a medication assisted treatment program to help our community members with opioid addiction,” explained Jenn Heinz, executive director of Team Wellness Center’s Eastern Market Clinic. “We’ve had it for a few years, but we are trying to expand it. We are offering appointments to meet with doctors and nurses, so they can come in at any moment and start their recovery that very day. … We also have a crisis unit if the clinic is closed so they can get medication assistance there.”

Dr. John Head, the medical director of Team Wellness Center, said that ensuring treatment is available quickly and without wait times can make all the difference for someone seeking help.

“Starting treatment quickly can save your life,” he remarked. “It puts you in a better situation. We also have other services like employment assistance or providing shelter when necessary that goes along with treatment. This program puts people in a better situation immediately. … We also have a crisis intervention team that goes out into the community and can pick someone up and bring them to the crisis evaluation center. That also is available 24 hours a day.”

Team Wellness Center began this new programming in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, since people quarantining can bring about additional risk factors for relapsing.

“We understand that with the pandemic happening, people haven’t been able to make the connections they usually make,” said Heinz. “They have often lost their support systems by staying away from work or family or friends. Stress factors also are higher, so people might turn toward alcohol or drugs more. We want to address that as best we can and offer people an alternative.”

“When the stressors are up, people try to find a way out of it and they try to find a way to get out of reality,” added Head. “Drugs can do that. With the pandemic, those stressors are higher so they turn toward opioids.”

More information on the program is available at or by calling (888) 813-8326.

“We primarily work out of our Eastern Market location, but our crisis center is based out of our location at Mack Avenue and Mount Elliott Drive. We also offer these services at our Southgate location,” said Heinz. “During the pandemic, we also are offering telehealth services so we can provide help over the phone or by video.”

Treatment through Team Wellness Center is paid through insurance, but Heinz stressed that they wouldn’t turn anyone away.

“Everything is funded through insurance, with Medicaid being our primary source,” she said. “We also offer some pro bono cases, because we never turn anyone away. We try to find a way to help them.”

Heinz and Head both want people to know that help is out there.

“This crisis unit will mean there is never a time people can’t get help,” she said. “Making sure there is no wait time for people to start their recovery is incredibly important.”