New member appointed to Hazel Park City Council

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published February 10, 2021

 Luke Londo is the newest member of the Hazel Park City Council, appointed to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Amy Aubry after she moved to a new town.

Luke Londo is the newest member of the Hazel Park City Council, appointed to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Amy Aubry after she moved to a new town.

Photo by Analicia Honkanen


HAZEL PARK — The city of Hazel Park has a new council member to help shape its policies.

Luke Londo, 32, has lived with his wife in Hazel Park since late 2016. He was officially appointed to the Hazel Park City Council Jan. 26, filling the vacancy that was created by the departure of Amy Aubry last December. Aubry resigned in order to move to a home in a new town, although she will continue to be involved in the city’s art scene with events such as the Art Fair.

Londo is currently a senior public relations manager for Rock Ventures. He said that he leads communications for the group’s Detroit-based efforts, including philanthropic programs, sponsorships and major partnerships, as well as initiatives aimed at diversity, equity and inclusion.

His council appointment is a partial term that expires at the first council meeting after the election this November.

“I am looking forward to getting to know the residents of Hazel Park and earning their trust and vote to continue serving them for a full four-year term,” Londo said in an email.

“I am passionate about public service and confident that I have the ability to make a difference for our residents and help lead our city forward,” he continued. “I also believe that it’s important for younger demographics, including millennials like myself, to step up and be active participants in shaping our future. The existing council has a great mix of long-serving pillars of the community like Mayor (Mike) Webb and Mayor Pro Tem (Andy) LeCureaux, as well as newer members like council members (Alissa) Sullivan and (Mike) McFall.”

Prior to his current role at Rock Ventures, Londo served as the director of constituent services for Congressman Dan Benishek. He also served as a constituent relations representative for the Michigan Department of the Attorney General.

“My experience will allow me to be an effective advocate for our residents and ensure that their needs are addressed, as well as navigate various levels of government and bureaucracy to champion Hazel Park,” Londo said. “I believe in building consensus and being a team player, and focusing on our similarities instead of dwelling on our differences.”

McFall said in an email that he’s looking forward to working with Londo on the council.

“He loves Hazel Park and brings energy and ideas that I believe will be very beneficial to the residents of the city,” McFall said.

The city considered more than a dozen applicants for the role.

“I was excited that 15 talented people with an interest to serve our community had applied,” McFall said. “The selection process wasn’t easy, but in the end, council unanimously selected Luke.”

Londo said he is humbled to have been selected from among so many talented people.

“My first priority is to listen and learn, as well as continue to strengthen my relationship with my fellow members of council,” Londo said. “My most significant short-term goal is to introduce an Equal Rights Ordinance, which will allow us to prepare for the almost-certain passage of the 2022 ballot question that will expand the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. My long-term goal is to work to implement the new Hazel Park Master Plan, which is a phenomenal blueprint for meaningful progress for the city.

“The biggest strength of Hazel Park is that it is a city that feels like a community,” he continued. “Previous councils, in conjunction with our talented city staff, have charted a long-term path to success that will showcase Hazel Park as an exciting destination for businesses as well as families. All of the recent developments, including the Main Street Hazel Park program, are turning John R and other major streets into vibrant commercial corridors that have more to offer every day, as well as increasing property values and bringing wealth to residents. Our biggest long-term challenge is continuing to address our personal obligations and debt, but I am confident that we will be able to do so in a way that doesn’t impact city programs or services.”

On a personal note, Londo said he and his wife are passionate about the outdoors, with such hobbies as hiking, swimming and cliff jumping.

“I began my year on Jan. 1 in my hometown of Marquette by jumping in Lake Superior,” Londo said. “My wife knew better.

“I look forward to the return of live music and festivals, as well as catching Red Wings and Tigers games,” he added. “I also root for the Lions, except for when they’re playing the Green Bay Packers!”

He said that in his limited free time, he enjoys playing fetch with his cat, Henry David McLondo. And once he earns his master’s degree and the current COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, he plans to spend more time visiting Hazel Park’s shops, restaurants, dispensaries and other businesses.

He also paid tribute to his predecessor on the council and encouraged residents to shop local.

“I would like to thank former Councilmember Aubry for her service, dedication to transparency and passion for Hazel Park and its residents,” Londo said. “Also, please support our local businesses and check out Main Street Hazel Park for a list of which independent businesses and restaurants are open.”

Londo invites anyone with any questions or concerns to contact him directly at (248) 667-8807 or