Inspect your car before the ice arrives

By: Eric Czarnik | C&G Newspapers | Published November 27, 2018

METRO DETROIT — A freezing November with early snowfalls serves as a good reminder that it’s not too early to get a car ready for winter, even weeks before it officially arrives on the calendar.

Al Laity, service director at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, offered a few tips for anyone who wants to prepare a vehicle for the arctic temperatures.

“The first thing you want to do is check your antifreeze and make sure that is covered for at least 25 (degrees) below zero,” he said.

Laity said drivers should check the condition of their tires and windshield wiper blades to make sure they are in good shape. Other parts, like the spark plugs and battery, should also be inspected and not neglected.

“A lot of people overlook their battery,” he said.

AAA public affairs specialist Gary Bubar listed off some more things that motorists can do to maximize their safety and readiness for big snowfalls and slippery conditions.

Beyond refreshing the antifreeze coolant and checking tires for tread wear, he suggested that drivers think about putting on snow tires for the winter months.

“Changing to snow tires, even in our climate and environment, is not a bad thing,’ he said. “Winter tires are not just about treads; they’re also about the compound. It’s softer and it gives you a little better traction and grip on the road.”

Bubar also advised car owners to check the headlamps and taillamps to make sure they are lighting up. And certain items come in handy when stored in a vehicle, like a snowbrush and ice scraper.

“Also, you want to keep a few more things in the car too that you normally wouldn’t keep — some extra clothes, hat, gloves and maybe a few extra things in case you get stuck by the side of the road. Make sure you have your cellphone and a AAA card.”

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