Published July 2, 2019

METRO DETROIT — With wet weather more the rule than the exception in recent years, home vegetable growers can plan ahead with eyes equally set on the sky, the thermometer and their plants to prevent potential problems.

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Published June 25, 2019

METRO DETROIT — With spring and summer cleaning comes a need for a place to put all that junk. While it can feel good to declutter and eliminate years of remodeling leftovers and junk that isn’t fit to donate, sometimes it becomes too much to put out on the curb.

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Published June 18, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Having wonderful, friendly neighbors is always nice, but it’s also good to have a little privacy on your yard. Many communities have homes that are close together, and that can take away the feeling of serenity and tranquility in the property. Plants, such as trees, bushes and flowers, can be used to add not only beauty to a yard, but also some privacy in both the front and backyards.

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Published June 12, 2019

METRO DETROIT — The sun and warm days are finally upon us. But that doesn’t mean it’s not time to think about winter. According to local chimney care experts and firefighting professionals, now is the time to get your chimney inspected and thoroughly swept in order to be ready to reignite those logs once the temperatures drop again.

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Published June 5, 2019

METRO DETROIT — If you have a small backyard, your big ideas can be right at home. According to local experts, homeowners with small backyards don’t have to scale down their big ideas, and a few simple yard hacks can make your space seem bigger than it really is.

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Published May 29, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Warm up to cooking outdoors with these tips from folks who know their way around the grill grates.

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Published May 21, 2019

METRO DETROIT — ’Tis the season for garage sales. As the temperature warms up, the number of garage sales around metro Detroit tends to increase.

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Published May 15, 2019

METRO DETROIT — This year’s wet spring is making it hard to discount the effects of rain on local yards and gardens. For those looking out on a backyard that now includes more ponds than puddles, however, there is hope. Diverting the rain into a rain barrel for future use or establishing a rain garden to attract and filter the stormwater are great ways to eliminate backyard flooding and keep storm sewers from overflowing.

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Published May 8, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Bees are important. But not everyone knows why, or how we can make a difference. Some local beekeepers and experts weighed in on how relevant bees are to each of our lives, and also how we can foster them to continue to reap the benefits they add to the ecosystem.

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Published May 1, 2019

METRO DETROIT — People love their pets, but that love can get somewhat strained when that fur baby scratches up the couch or mangles a new pair of shoes. Animal experts can offer hope, however, with some tips to keep that dog or cat well-mannered.

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Published April 24, 2019

METRO DETROIT — If you’re traveling about town, odds are that you have seen numerous “for sale” signs in front yards. That’s not by accident. Experts in home realty say there is a historical significance associated with selling homes once spring is in full gear.

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Published April 17, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Looking for a way to improve your garden, help native insects and animals, and reduce water runoff while at the same time having a unique talking point? If these choices sound attractive, then planting a native garden might be the right path.

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Published April 10, 2019

METRO DETROIT — It’s a warm Saturday as the summer sun begins to set over the lush backyard. The bride and groom have recited their wedding vows, the tiered cake has been cut, and the reception is just getting started.

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Published April 3, 2019

METRO DETROIT — There are many choices facing a homeowner when decorating a home. Something that is not uncommon, but definitely stands out, is an aquarium. Victor Bondi, a Warren resident and president of the Motor City Aquarium Society, said he has at least four fish tanks in his home, and at one point he had as many as 18.

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Published March 27, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Bird-watching is entertaining and educational for people of all ages, and people can even enjoy this activity from inside the comfort of their own home if they take a few simple steps.

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Published March 20, 2019

TROY — Kitchen designer Sara Fithault, of EW Kitchens, based at the Michigan Design Center, believes great design is in the details that you don’t notice.

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Published March 19, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Michigan is home to many who take advantage of spring break, enjoy vacations over the summer, or even escape the entire winter season in favor of a warmer climate. While they’re away, their homes are left largely unattended, making them vulnerable to break-ins and other crime. Luckily, law enforcement officials say there are a number of things people can do to protect their homes.

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Published March 13, 2019

METRO DETROIT — The garden of your dreams doesn’t have to exist in your mind, or even in the ground in your backyard. Raised-bed gardens, made of wood or other creatively repurposed building materials, offer many advantages to vegetable growers in residential lots and community gardens.

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Published March 6, 2019

Invasive phragmites, water hyacinth, European frogbit and red swamp crayfish — along with the fungus oak wilt and more — can damage landscapes and lower home values. 

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Published February 28, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Something pet owners never want to experience is a moment of fear and regret while seeing that their little furry friend has taken an unplanned trip out of the house or yard.

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