Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education announces grant recipients

By: Maria Allard | Grosse Pointe Times | Published December 18, 2020


GROSSE POINTES — Musical equipment, Chromebooks and math lessons are among the new purchases that will benefit Grosse Pointe Public School System students.

At the Dec. 14 Board of Education meeting held virtually, the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education announced the recipients of their most recent grant cycle. A total of $30,269 in grants were awarded.

The GPFPE raises money to fund projects not available in the district’s general fund. Grant applications may be submitted by teachers, administrators, students, parents or community members.

“One of the highlights of being on the board is being able to be the grateful recipient for the school district of all these wonderful, wonderful awards,” Board Secretary Judy Gafa said.

Co-chair Kathy Fisk announced the 10 grant recipients. They were:

• Dramatic play equipment for Monteith Elementary School kindergarten students for $3,731. The grant purchases wooden play equipment replacements for three kindergarten classes. The GPFPE will fund the grant through the Lois J. Warden Fund. Submitted by Natalie Bruveris, Theresa Comilla and Diane Richards.

• “All Hands on Deck” for Mason Elementary School third grade students for $406. The math manipulatives are designed to make math instruction more interactive and engaging. The grant will also be funded by the Lois J. Warden Fund. Submitted by Caitlin Haigh.

• “Integrating Literacy into the Maire Makerspace” for kindergarten through fourth grade at Maire Elementary for $750. The literacy grant will be funded through the Lois J. Warden Fund. Submitted by Michelle Kramer.

• Twelve air purifiers for the instrumental music practice rooms in the district’s middle schools and high schools for $2,400. Submitted by Tom Torrento, who also applied for and received a grant for $8,000 to purchase two sousaphones for Brownell and Parcells middle schools and Grosse Pointe North High School. They will replace instruments purchased in 1968.

• The math departments at Brownell, Parcells and Pierce middle schools requested iPads and accessories for teachers to connect with new SMART Board technology. The grant totals $6,808. Submitted by Ashley Golitko.

• A $403 grant will be used at Parcells to purchase wire and equipment for instruction in 3D manipulation in art class, offering another medium in which to create. Submitted by Courtney Hughes.

• A $3,179 partial grant to fund the purchase of 10 Chromebooks and a cart for use in the GPPSS Community School. Students with developmental disabilities will use the technology to explore and research potential jobs and careers, practice data entry, and learn e-commerce as a microbusiness. Submitted by Ann Marie Bokatzian.

• A $3,993 grant will fund a new vibraphone for the Grosse Pointe South High School Band and Orchestra Program. It will replace an unrepairable vibraphone used in festival preparation and performances. Submitted by Christopher Takis.

• The GPFPE will fund $600 for North to buy six impairment goggles. The goggles allow students to experience the impact of drugs and alcohol on their systems, while being instructed in possible legal ramifications from their use. This will be part of a new American Legal Systems class. Submitted by Sean McCarroll.

“It’s marvelous how the foundation supports our schools,” Board Vice President Kathleen Abke said. “We are, the district and I know the board are, extraordinarily grateful for that. Thank you.”

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