City completes transition to LED streetlights

New LED lights to save Eastpointe $150,000 per year

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published November 8, 2016


EASTPOINTE — The Eastpointe City Council, during its Nov. 1 meeting, approved extending a special assessment for an additional three years for LED streetlighting.

The extended special assessment comes as Eastpointe announced that, with DTE Energy, the city had finished installing 800 light-emitting diode streetlights. Those 800 LED streetlights ended a two-phase project to convert more than 1,300 streets to LED lighting.

During the meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Michael Klinefelt made a motion for the approval of the special assessment roll for the streetlighting project, which would “raise approximately $429,000 a year for the next three years.”

Three years ago, Eastpointe set up a special assessment for streetlight purposes that cost residents approximately $31 annually, according to Eastpointe City Manager, Steve Duchane.

“It’s been a successful program. Our concern was to maintain streetlighting and its own fund, and have the money to pay the light bill. We’ve gone beyond that — replaced every streetlight with LED technology, which has a payback of about 4.6 years or more,” said Duchane. 

By renewing the special assessment another three years, council committed to add some lighting, Duchane said.

Regina Roberts, who resides on Veronica Avenue, spoke in favor of adding lights during the hearing of the public.

“Everybody on our block is really in for us having a little bit more lighting than what we have. So I was hoping that would be something that the city could look into,” said Roberts.  

DTE will review and revisit all of the lighting throughout Eastpointe to see that it’s working effectively, according to Duchane.

“Streetlighting is a public safety thing more than anything. It will allow us to not only be more energy efficient, but brighter lights help with crime and public safety,” said Duchane.

Eastpointe Finance Director Randall Blum stated in a press release that the LED lights will save Eastpointe roughly $150,000 in yearly costs.

“These cost savings will offset the cost of converting to LED streetlights and allow for installation of additional streetlights with LED lights throughout the city in the future,” Blum stated. “Most importantly, the improved lighting enhances the sense of security for homeowners whose neighborhoods were once dimly lit.”