Wrestlers go to the mat to help family battling cancer

By: Brian Louwers, | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal Sterling Heights Sentry Warren Weekly | Published July 17, 2017

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — The financial burden of battling childhood cancer can put a family on the ropes, but the pros at Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling are jumping into the ring to lend a hand.

XICW Bodyslams Childhood Cancer will roll out a slate of matches at The Imperial House in Clinton Township July 30, the proceeds from which will benefit the family of 10-year-old Noah Gochanour, of Sterling Heights, who continues to undergo treatment for metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma.

XICW promoter Malcolm Monroe Jr., known in the ring as The DBA, said he met Gochanour at a Comedy 4 Cancer fundraiser organized by Warren resident JD Marshall.

 Jaimy Coxxx, standing, will join a full slate of XICW wrestlers at The Imperial House July 30 to benefit Noah Gochanour and his family.

Jaimy Coxxx, standing, will join a full slate of XICW wrestlers at The Imperial House July 30 to benefit Noah Gochanour and his family.

Photo provided by JD Marshall

“He started coming to the XICW a little while after that, and then last month I just noticed how much fun he was having,” Monroe said. “I just thought about his parents. If I was in their situation, how would I feel? I put myself in their shoes. I thought about how much fun he was having and said, ‘I’m just going to do a weekend all about Noah.’”

Marshall founded the charity A Mission of Love after he lost his owner daughter, Stephaine, to cancer in April 2015. She was 13.

He’s since worked tirelessly to bring relief to other pediatric cancer patients and their families, either in the form of much-needed cash to ease the burden of medical bills, or through experiences that break up the seriousness of treatment with good times and laughter.

“We brought (Noah) to a wrestling show last month, and a bunch of the wrestlers took pictures with him and got in the ring with him before the show started. That touched everybody there,” Marshall said.

Monroe said his father wrestled under the name Sweet Daddy Malcolm Monroe. His son, Malcolm Monroe III, does too.

“We’re the only father-and-son tag team in Michigan. We’re tagging up and Noah is going to be our manager,” Monroe Jr. said. “I put Noah in charge of the show, so he’s the manager and the commissioner. It’s his show, so he’s running the whole show. It means a lot to me, because I know how the kids look forward to wrestling. It means a lot to me just to put a smile on his face.”

Other XICW wrestlers set to appear include Johnny Devine, Jaimy Coxxx, Joe Coleman, John E. Bravo, Jack Price, Jackson Stone, Kef Sweat, Willy Watts, Chris Moore, Dre Jacobs, Jeff Brooks, Mark Gjoka and Johnny Delicious. 

The bell for XICW Bodyslams Childhood Cancer will ring at The Imperial House, 34701 Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township, at 5:30 p.m. July 30. Tickets cost $10 in advance through www.xicwdetroit.com, or $15 at the door. All proceeds will go to help Noah Gochanour and his family.