Brian Rice II soars in the air on his snowboard during an event. Rice, also known as “FlyinBrian,” has the dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Brian Rice II soars in the air on his snowboard during an event. Rice, also known as “FlyinBrian,” has the dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Photo by Andy Weber

‘FlyinBrian’ working toward Olympic dream

By: Zachary Manning | Farmington Press | Published September 18, 2019


FARMINGTON — In the middle of September, most teenagers will be going to school, hanging out with friends and finishing up homework for the next day.

For 14-year-old Brian Rice II, also known as “FlyinBrian,” you can catch him on the slopes perfecting his craft of snowboarding.

The Farmington teen has been on the board since he was 4 and has fallen in love with the sport. He trains every day of the week.

Whether it’s trampoline work or going to a skate park, Rice is committed to snowboarding and wants to become one of the best in the world.

“As the years went by, I slowly started progressing and then it started catching up,” Rice said. “By the time I was 11, that’s when I really started kicking things in, because I really wanted to pursue this as a dream and as a career.”

He’s become so good at the sport that he’s already found himself on the national stage. In April, the young snowboarder finished third in the all-around at the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association national championships.

His successes haven’t gone unnoticed. On Sept. 8, Rice flew out to the Utah Olympic Park to train with the U.S. snowboarding national team coaching staff in the Project Gold Camp.

Though he is working with Olympic coaches, Rice hasn’t forgotten his schooling. He attended Farmington Public Schools before switching to online schooling through the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium at 13 years old.

“Working with these Olympic coaches, it’s really an honor because not a lot of kids get this opportunity, so I’m looking forward to it,” Rice said.

With his success at such a young age, his goal is to continue progressing and eventually become an Olympic athlete.

To reach his goal of being one of the best in the sport, Rice is committing himself to a healthy lifestyle and will continue to train on a daily basis.

“Being one of the best snowboarders in the world would mean a lot to me, considering the journey that I’ve been through so far,” Rice said.

Even though his journey is still in its early stages, Rice is thankful for all his parents have done for him over the years.   

His mother, Kat Rice, sees even more potential in her young son. Like him, she hopes to one day be watching her son compete at the Olympics.

“It just seems like it’s the most natural sport for him. It’s like poetry in motion when he’s on a board. It’s just so beautiful to watch,” she said.