Eastpointe council makes appointments to ethics board

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published September 3, 2020

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EASTPOINTE — Five members of the Eastpointe community have been selected and approved to sit on the city’s reinstated ethics board.

The Eastpointe City Council voted unanimously at its regular meeting June 2 to reinstate the city’s ethics board, which had been disbanded since 2011. Since that time, all issues that would have gone to the ethics board went directly to the City Council instead. Council members agreed they thought the extra level of transparency and expediency provided by the board regarding questions of ethics within the Eastpointe government would be for the best.

Each selectee was chosen by a member of the City Council and then approved by the other members. All five were approved unanimously.

Councilman Cardi DeMonaco nominated Mariuca Rofick.

“Mariuca Rofick was my nominee for the ethics board because of the integrity and dedication she has shown in the short time I have known her,” DeMonaco said in an email. “She is the president of the Scarab Club, and was also recently appointed to the Arts & Cultural Diversity Commission. She has a passion for not only the arts, but for the greater good of the community. I believe that she will bring an unbiased and level-headed opinion to the ethics board. I look forward to the board meeting shortly and beginning its important work. While most public servants genuinely serve the public, there are a few that stray. My hope is that the updated ethics ordinance, and the new ethics board, will be able to prevent, or at least minimally counteract, any unethical activities.”

Rofick said that she hopes this will ensure everyone in Eastpointe can have faith in their local government.

“I’m filled with a sense of duty and the weighty responsibility to ensure that complaints are dealt with fairly and ethical standards are upheld,” Rofick said in an email. “I hope the board’s efforts will encourage city government to keep dealings above reproach and raise Eastpointe residents’ trust in their government. I believe all sides want what is best for Eastpointe and the more closely established standards are recognized and followed, the better.”

Councilman Harvey Curley nominated Lynn Tubben.

“As you know each member of the council selected one person. I selected Lynn Tubben,” Curley wrote in an email. “She has lived in our city for 45 years. Has worked for our schools for 23 years. (She) was a board member of Schoolcraft College. I liked this way of filling the board. Each one of us was able to select one person. If anything would come up involving ethics, the council will not have to be involved. Of course it could be one of us. The ethics board will help make the city more transparent.”

Tubben said she hopes the board will prove to be a fair and impartial influence on disagreements within the community.

“My desire is that our new board will have a good listening ear to all the facts presented and strive for conscientious discernment in decisions that ultimately affect people’s reputations and livelihoods,” she said in a text message.

Councilman Rob Baker nominated Gary Sasek.

“I chose Gary Sasek for the ethics board because of his integrity, his professionalism, his knowledge of ethics and willingness to ensure that the code of ethics is followed by everyone under its governance,” Baker said in an email. “The ethics board will ensure that there is a clear understanding of what conduct is allowed and what conduct isn’t allowed by all who serve the city of Eastpointe under its governance.”

Sasek said he is honored to have been thought of for the position.

“When I heard that Eastpointe was forming an ethics board, I decided to apply because this has been my community for 69 years. I was very honored to learn that Councilman Rob Baker nominated me for a place on the board and was approved by a vote of the council,” said Sasek in an email. “I will do my best to be a representative on the board for the whole city. It is my understanding that we will get copies of the Eastpointe ethics code and training as well as what is and will be expected of us.”

Councilwoman Sarah Lucido nominated Stacy Cobb-Muniz.

“We had many applications for the ethics board,” Lucido said in an email. “It was not an easy decision. I did want to select an individual who never served on any previous boards and commissions. After going through the applications, I called a few and tried to select the one that would be the most open minded. There were many that would have been great.”

Cobb-Muniz said her hope is that the ethics board gets very few cases, but that they will be prepared and able when they are needed.

“I hope that we will not be necessary,” she remarked. “Should we be, I believe our job is to uphold the integrity of the city charter by keeping city personnel accountable and transparent. We want open communication between the city and its constituents.”

Mayor Monique Owens nominated Michael Jones.

“He’s been a resident for a while, does a lot with children and teaches in a mentorship program here in Eastpointe,” said Owens. “I selected Michael Jones as the best candidate because he can communicate the ethical standards within a professional and community setting. (He is) an unbiased voice of analytical reasoning and can utilize thoughtfulness to bring the best solution possible.”

Jones could not be reached for comment.