Roseville author Cheryl Lynn Pope is publishing the second in a series of children’s books titled “The Adventures of Princess Zaria: Best Friends and the Bee” in April.

Roseville author Cheryl Lynn Pope is publishing the second in a series of children’s books titled “The Adventures of Princess Zaria: Best Friends and the Bee” in April.

Photo provided by Cheryl Lynn Pope

Roseville children’s author pens second ‘Princess Zaria’ book

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published March 8, 2021


ROSEVILLE — When Roseville author Cheryl Lynn Pope published a children’s book in 2009 titled “The Adventures of Princess Zaria: The Quest for the Three Precious Gems,” she had no idea how the book was going to take off.

Promoting the book led her to creating a national fan club, an annual Princess Ball and more. Now she is publishing a second book in the series called “The Adventures of Princess Zaria: Best Friends and the Bee.”

“The first book was published in 2009,” said Cheryl Lynn Pope. “This book is the second in the series and is coming out in April. When the book was released, I was thinking of ways to market it. We had tea parties, we had the Princess Balls, and it took over the writing of the book, so that’s why it took so long to get the next book out.”

The inspiration for the series was her daughter, Zaria, who the main character is named after. Cheryl Lynn Pope took on the project after writing a book for parents about raising a child.

“I’ve always wanted to write books since I was a little girl, and I had a recurring New Year’s resolution to write a book, so I decided to go ahead and do it,” she said. “My daughter Zaria was the inspiration. My very first book was a parenting book called ‘25 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special.’ I wanted to write a children’s book. My daughter’s name means ‘princess,’ so she was the reason I chose a princess theme for the book.”

Zaria Pope is an adult now, but she said she is very proud of the work her mother has done and the difference she has been making in people’s lives.

“I’m very proud of my mom and her work. She has been working hard since before I was even born, and just to see her still accomplishing things makes me very proud of her,” Zaria Pope said. “They’re really good books to read. Depending on which book they get, the child can really take away a lot. This is something a parent can do to make their children feel special. That’s an important thing to instill in them at a young age.”

The new book is due out in April, and Princess Zaria fans are sure to be excited for it. Many of them have been attending events and taking part in a club created by Pope to celebrate the messages of her work.

“The Princess Zaria Fan Club is for girls ages 3 to 11, and it is a mail order club where they receive a princess packet in the mail,” Cheryl Lynn Pope said. “It includes a tiara, a membership card, princess stickers and tattoos, an autographed poster, and a princess trinket like a candy bracelet or candy ring. They register for the fan club through the website.”

Detroit resident Angie Duckett, the mother of 10-year-old Shayla Duckett, said that her family is quite excited for the new release.

“It inspired her. She loved the characters in the book, and it was an overall good experience and (she) really enjoyed the book,” Duckett said. “These books offer inspiration for the kids and teach them how to be independent. It makes them want to do things in the future they might never have tried otherwise.”

Duckett’s daughter also has been a regular attendee at the Princess Ball, an annual event organized by Pope.

“The Princess Ball started in 2012, so this is our 10th year,” said Cheryl Lynn Pope. “It started as a way to market the book, but it has taken on a life of its own. We recognize and honor girls who have taken action in the community. We single out those making extraordinary academic progress, those who are entrepreneurs, those who are involved in their community. It’s a formal event where everyone dresses up. This year’s theme is ‘winter wonderland,’ so it will be decorated with snowflakes and so forth. We have safety protocols in place at the hall. There will be only six at a table and everyone will be spaced apart. It will be at Burton Manor in Livonia.”

Duckett said Shayla enjoys getting to dress up and attend the ball with other girls who have similar interests. She added that she is very impressed by Pope.

“(Shayla) got into it because her older sister got into it. So Shayla started going at age 3 to the Princess Ball and the other events. That was six years ago, and she has been going ever since,” Duckett said. “Ms. Pope is very original with these events, and she is great with the children. She gives the books and the events her all. I really admire her. I love her for that.”

Cheryl Lynn Pope said she hopes her books can show children that they have worth and that the world is open to them. She said every girl should be able to feel like a princess.

“It’s for girls to empower them and inspire them and to let every girl know that she is a princess. The first book was geared to empower girls by letting them know that all little girls are princesses,” Cheryl Lynn Pope said. “Then we moved into creating a brand, which is why we started the Princess Zaria Fan Club — so we could encourage girls to be the best that they can be and inspire them.”

This time around, Cheryl Lynn Pope is self-publishing the new Princess Zaria book. She said it’s a challenge but that the result is well worth the effort.

“I’m self-published. I started with a publishing service, and they did everything for me,” she explained. “They found the graphic designer, the layout artist and so forth. All I did was write it and find the illustrator. This new book, I am doing everything myself. There is a learning curve, but it’s fun. I’m still working with the same illustrator. When you’re a self-published author, you do everything.”

Zaria Pope said that the books certainly inspired her.

“I think girls and young women can learn that dreams really do come true,” she said. “Teaching young girls to be princesses and overcoming all the craziness in this world is an important thing to see. I also think that young mothers can instill this attitude in their kids.”

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