Ex-trustee Dino Bucci agrees to testify

Sentencing delayed for six months

By: Alex Szwarc | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published January 25, 2021


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Slated for Jan. 19, sentencing for ex-Macomb Township Trustee Dino Bucci in federal court has been adjourned.

A Jan. 18 court order states the case will be adjourned for approximately six months.

“Bucci has provided assistance to the government’s investigation, including by agreeing to testify in this case,” the document reads.

Last year, Bucci pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit extortion and conspiracy to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds.

With the guilty plea, the 61-year-old Bucci’s maximum combined penalty was 10 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine. The federal government recommended Bucci spend no more than nine years in prison.

Bucci was a Macomb Township trustee from 2000 until the Board approved a message from him to be a resignation letter in November 2018. He also worked in the Macomb County Public Works Office from 1994 to 2016.

In November 2017, Bucci was federally indicted on 18 criminal charges that allegedly took place over a nine-year period and involved kickbacks, embezzlement and bribery.

Also, as part of the plea agreement, Bucci admitted to a theft scheme by which he and contractor Chris Sorrentino would overbill Macomb Township for paving work on two separate projects. The overbilling came to about $96,000, in which Sorrentino paid Bucci in cash. Last May, $66,000 was repaid to the township by Bucci.

Also set for the week of Jan. 18 was sentencing for Sorrentino. That has now been pushed to April 22.

On Jan. 11, court files indicate Sorrentino requested to have an in-person sentencing.

In September 2017, Sorrentino was charged in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan with one count of structuring financial transactions to avoid currency reporting requirements, in relation to cash kickbacks.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment and a fine of $250,000.

Bucci’s sentencing is now scheduled for July 27.