Seniors in Birmingham can benefit from the Birmingham Police Department’s Adopt-A-Senior program.

Seniors in Birmingham can benefit from the Birmingham Police Department’s Adopt-A-Senior program.

Photo provided by The Birmingham Police Department

The Birmingham police promote Adopt-A-Senior program

By: Mary Genson | Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle | Published May 9, 2023


BIRMINGHAM — The Adopt-A-Senior program has been a valuable resource to Birmingham seniors for nearly 25 years, and Birmingham police are reminding the community that the program is available for senior residents who could benefit from someone to talk to or a helping hand.

Through the Adopt-A-Senior program, the Birmingham Police Department offers volunteer services to help out isolated seniors. There is no specific criteria for this program, and the department offers to help in big and small ways.

“This is just one program that we have as a police department where we are trying to stay connected and reach out to our community to offer support (for people) who might otherwise not typically ask for it,” Birmingham Police Chief Scott Grewe said.

Oftentimes, seniors will be referred from Birmingham Next or family members to the Adopt-A-Senior program.

Once they receive a referral or a senior asks to be visited, officers will talk to the senior to make sure they are a right fit for the program. If necessary, they will make referrals to other resources that the senior may need.

“There is no criteria for how long you are in the program,” Birmingham Police Department Dispatcher Joseph Misiak said. “It is just as long as you need us, then we are here for you.”

Misiak said seniors in the program ask for a range of things, from someone to keep them company to someone to help with yard work.

“We’ve had crews out from painting garages to doing landscaping work to fixing decks and buying furniture in our community,” Grewe said. “That is a lot about what this program is. It is really about trying to help those people that may not have a connection to family members or may be isolated.”

Officers also talk to some seniors about current events around the city so they are kept in touch with the community around them.

“As you get older, you might feel isolated from loved ones and family. I think that this keeps them connected with the world around them and with the city, especially,” Misiak said.

The Adopt-A-Senior program involves the entire department. Misiak said people should not be shy to reach out if they are interested in the program.

“Every officer has always been willing to volunteer their time if we ask,” Misiak said. “All of the officers enjoy helping,” Misiak said.

Residents who are interested or who may know someone who may benefit from the program can email ​​Misiak at Seniors can also call the Birmingham Police Department’s nonemergency line if they need something.

“It truly takes a lot of dedication, and Joe has done an exemplary job for the Police Department keeping this program moving forward, and I’m very happy for the work he’s done and what it means for the senior citizens in the community,” Grewe said.