Road rage incident leads to assault charge

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published May 7, 2024


BERKLEY — A road rage altercation led to an assault and injuries in Berkley last week.

According to police, the incident occurred at approximately 12:15 p.m. April 30 near Buckingham Avenue and West 11 Mile Road. Police received a report of a car crash and two parties fighting.

Police arrived at the scene, where they found a silver Ford Fusion and a black Dodge Dart. The Fusion’s front bumper was pushed up against the Dart’s rear bumper. There also were two men arguing.

“It appeared that it was an earlier road rage incident that occurred,” Berkley Public Safety Detective Lt. Andrew Hadfield said. “The (Fusion) was following the (Dart) and attempting to get a license plate to call the police department. The (Dart) … made a sudden stop and the (Fusion) … struck the rear end of the car.”

Police stated in their report that the Fusion’s driver said the Dart was at a stop sign for what he thought was longer than normal time and beeped his horn. He also admitted to giving the Dart’s driver the middle finger when the Dart’s driver was turning. The Fusion owner said the Dart’s driver made a threat to “kick his ass” and other bodily harm, according to police. The Dart’s driver made a right turn in front of the Fusion onto westbound 11 Mile and the Fusion’s driver followed him. The Fusion’s driver admitted that when the Dart owner made a right turn northbound on Buckingham, he struck the driver’s side rear bumper of the Dart.

Hadfield stated that the Dart’s driver, a 45-year-old Berkley man, got out of his vehicle with what was described as a “window break tool” and started swinging at the Fusion’s driver, a 20-year-old Berkley man.

“(He) ended up breaking the glass to the (Fusion),” he said. “In doing so, he cut himself. … He was holding it in his hand as he was striking or swinging at the other driver. And at some point, it made contact with the back window and it also broke the window out.”

“Officers arrived after the altercation occurred,” Hadfield continued. “Parties were separated, it was investigated and the first suspect from the Dodge Dart had to be taken to the hospital for injuries that were sustained from the glass.”

Hadfield said the Dart owner had lacerations on his arms from when he broke out the window, while the Fusion owner had minor bruises from the incident.

Police stated charges were issued for the Dart owner on May 1 for assault with a dangerous weapon, which is a four-year felony, and malicious destruction of property, which is a one-year misdemeanor based on the value of the damage.

The suspect had yet to be arraigned on the charges as of May 3.