Macomb Township board approves infrastructure work

By: Dean Vaglia | Macomb Chronicle | Published September 22, 2022

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MACOMB TOWNSHIP — The Macomb Township Board of Trustees approved a series of infrastructure projects throughout the township at its meeting Sept. 14.

Down to six members due to Clerk Kristi Pozi’s absence, the board began by awarding Pipeline Management Co. of Milford a $45,000 contract for manhole and catch basin repairs. According to Department of Public Works Director Kevin Johnson, the cost of the work is “a little bit more” than expected due to the unknown state of the underground components, which may require more work.

“Over time, they degrade,” Johnson said. “The materials (and) concrete will fail, so we need to either inject something that will protect it, or if we can do it by hand, we’ll do it.”

The board gave permission for land developer Michael Magnoli with NE25 & Broughton LLC to request the township engineering consultant to design a sanitary sewer trunk line to service the Town Center Village and Town Center Village North Site Condominiums. Due to township policy, the developer will pay the estimated $360,050 for the design and installation of the trunk line. The developer will deposit the estimated amount with the township, which will use the deposit to pay the consultant.

“I want the residents to know that there is a political decision that is made in Macomb Township to have the developers for sewer trunk lines, including the plans and putting it in,” Trustee Frank Cusumano said at the end of the meeting. “In my estimation, that is prudent, conservative government, in that the residents are not subsidizing that extension of the trunk sewer line.”

The board then awarded Jss-Macomb a nearly $490,000 contract to close pathway gaps throughout the township. Jss-Macomb has handled this work in the past.


Promotions and hires
On Sept. 14, the board approved the hiring of a new employee and promoted three members of the Macomb Township Fire Department.

Morgan Pankiewicz was hired as an appraiser aide, while lieutenants Steve Stawecki, Jason Dumas and Ken Bartz were promoted to the rank of captain.


Neighbors United gaming license
The board also approved a charitable gaming license for the township-based nonprofit Neighbors United.

Joe Warne, Neighbors United founder and a Macomb Township firefighter, spoke on behalf of the organization and gave trustees an update on its goals following the 2022 #WalkForTheRed140 fundraiser walk.

“As of today, we are at $122,000,” Warne said. “We are still waiting on some checks to come in and some fundraisers that were done (by other groups) that were taking place in Lansing.

“Our goal was $125,000. We believe we are going to end up with $130,000 to $135,000, so every firefighter should be able to get a $5,000 check,” Warne said.

Neighbors United raises money to support firefighters diagnosed with cancer. This year, the walk was done to raise money for 27 firefighters.