The city of Birmingham is currently working on plans for the Booth Park entry plaza and trail improvement project.

The city of Birmingham is currently working on plans for the Booth Park entry plaza and trail improvement project.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes

Booth Park to see improvements soon

By: Mary Genson | Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle | Published June 4, 2024


BIRMINGHAM — The Department of Public Services is in the process of developing plans for the Booth Park entry plaza and trail improvement project.

An accessible seating and gathering area, trail entry identifier and signage, a restroom facility and native gardens are among the new features the city included in its preliminary park plan.

The project was one of the priority projects when a $11.25 million parks and recreation bond was passed in November of 2020.

Birmingham Parks and Recreation Manager Carrie Laird said it has been the intention of the city to complete Booth Park with an entry plaza ever since it was developed into what it is today.

The city is currently working with a consultant to help develop what the project will end up looking like. The Department of Public Services is also working with the parks board to ensure that the project designs meet all the goals and objectives of the city.

“We are taking it from concept now and really drilling down to detail,” Laird said.

The city also recently ran a survey that encouraged people to submit ideas and feedback on the project. They plan to use public input to help shape the project and understand what it is that residents actually want in their park.

“It is their park. Why shouldn’t they have a say in what goes there?” said Director of Public Services Scott Zielinski.

With the development of this new entryway, Booth Park is expected to turn into a more defined gathering space. Zielinski said they are “opening it up and encouraging that use of the entry.”

“We’ve got wonderful restaurants and stores in that area, so it wouldn’t be uncommon to get some food, and while they’re shopping, just want to sit in the park and enjoy the park while they eat, as opposed to maybe sitting in the restaurant,” Zielinski said.

For the trail improvements, Laird said they want to create more connections to the Rouge River trail system.

“People need that connection to nature, health and well-being, and we want to definitely tie in the natural features of the park, without impacting them in any negative way, of course,” Laird said. “We want it accessible for all ages and abilities so that people can then have that experience.”

There is currently no updated cost estimate on the project, but it is currently being worked on.

As for a timeline, Zielinski said they hope to have the design of the park approved by the City Commission before the end of summer. The city will likely have to secure specific permits, and they currently plan to bid out the project in the fall and early winter.

“Hopefully, we can break ground somewhere between the end of March, if the weather’s really nice, or April to start the actual construction,”  Zielinski said.

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