Local organizations and businesses choose themes to decorate their treat station at the Halloween Hoot each year.

Local organizations and businesses choose themes to decorate their treat station at the Halloween Hoot each year.

Photo provided by the village of Beverly Hills

The Halloween Hoot Trails returns for an even bigger year

By: Mary Genson | Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle | Published October 24, 2023


BEVERLY HILLS — The 27th annual Halloween Hoot will take place  6-8 p.m Saturday, Oct. 28 in Beverly Hills, and the community is invited to dress up in costumes and trick or treat along the Halloween Hoot trail in Beverly Park, 18801 Beverly Road. Due to the support from sponsors, this event is free and open to the public.

This event is run by the Village of Beverly Hills Parks and Recreation Department. Kids must be accompanied by an adult and are encouraged to bring a flashlight and a bag or a container for candy and treats.

“I first got involved the very first year from my subdivision and then for a while I was taking my children,” organizer Janice Hausman said. “Then the parks and rec board actually took over, but before that it was just a group of community women that had started it, and we supported them, but they did most of the planning.”

In 2021, this event was modified from tradition due to the pandemic, and they have decided to stick to these modifications. However, the trail has expanded both last year and this year with more treat stations for kids to stop at.

“We had a great year last year, somewhere in the number of, like, 3,000 attendees last year. The weather last year was incredible,” Matt Goodrich, the chair of the Parks and Recreation Board, said. “As of right now, you know, it depends on the weather, but we are planning on another banner year with 30-plus treat stations.”

This event will take place rain or shine.

Treat stations along the Halloween Hoot trail are run by different neighborhood groups and different local businesses.

“We’re very thrilled with people that want to participate in this event, “ Hausman said.

Each station picks a theme — such as pirates, Star Wars, Harry Potter — and they do different things to decorate. Some stations even choose to have music and lights. As they walk along the trail, kids stop at each station and collect the candy or treats before moving on to the next.

Some stations stick to the same theme every year, while others choose to change it up from year to year.

“They love the huge amounts of candy that they’re gonna walk away with,” Goodrich said.

This event has a huge community focus as kids and parents gather to enjoy the event and see classmates and neighbors in their costumes.

“Come early, pack your patience, pack your passion and your enthusiasm, because it’s gonna be a blast,” Goodrich said.