Roseville school district updates residents on bond proposal

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published June 13, 2018


ROSEVILLE — One month after Roseville residents voted in favor of the Roseville Community Schools $59.4 million, 26-year bond proposal, the district is already making visible strides with the allocated monies. 

RCS went to its Facebook page to thank the residents for their support during the May election. 

“First off, we want to thank the community for passing the bond proposal earlier this month. We are excited for all of the upgrades and replacements that will positively affect every student in the district! We will keep you updated on each and every step as the bond proceeds. The wheels are already in motion,” stated the district May 29. 

Prior to the the Board of Education’s June 5 meeting about the bond proposal, the district’s technology staff had a meeting the week of May 21 with Barton Malow and Inacomp TSG representatives. They were awarded a $1.2 million bid and met so that work could begin as quickly as possible. 

According to the district’s Facebook page, the project will replace the district core data switch; replace the aggregation switches and edge switches in each building (43 areas); replace existing wireless access points at all buildings; install new access points; install new category 6A cable to each new access point; install new Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in each of the 43 areas where the district has network switches; conduct pre- and post-surveys for wireless access throughout the district; and replace outdated network cable where necessary.

Board of Education President Theresa Genest explained the purpose of the June 5 meeting. 

“The meeting was to prioritize what we think we can get done during the summer,” said Genest. “Some of the stuff we want to do will take longer than the summer to be done.” 

Bids for the infrastructure are being set in place in order for the district to move forward with getting new computers. 

“We can’t get new computers until the infrastructure gets done. They will probably be done around October or November,” said Genest. 

The district wants to wait to purchase computers so it can have the most up-to-date computer system. 

The district also is using the money to buy new school buses. As a start, it will take 120 days for the district to receive eight new school buses that the district has ordered, according to Genest, and the district plans to buy more.

Genest also mentioned that the board wanted to make sure that the projects the district does during this time are visible. 

“We’re working on getting new signs for in front of the school; we want to get things that are visible to our voters,” she said. 

The district stated it will update residents with information on its Facebook page at “Roseville Community Schools.”