A group of Roseville High School students participate in a mock school board meeting Feb. 12 after spending the day with Roseville Community Schools officials.

A group of Roseville High School students participate in a mock school board meeting Feb. 12 after spending the day with Roseville Community Schools officials.

Photo provided by Roseville Community Schools

Roseville High School seniors ‘meet’ up for school business

By: Maria Allard | Roseville-Eastpointe Eastsider | Published February 18, 2024


ROSEVILLE — Roseville High School senior Archie Matthews didn’t let Roseville Community Schools Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski off the hook.

“He’s in charge of the snow days,” Matthews said.

His comment was all in good fun as Matthews and nearly 20 seniors participated in a mock Student Board of Education meeting Feb. 12. During the day, the seniors were paired up with school officials to learn more about the district’s day-to-day operations.

That evening, they gathered in the district’s board room to discuss school business in a public forum, each taking on a different counterpart. Matthews, for instance, served in the role of superintendent and also board attorney Alex Lindamood, from Collins & Blaha P.C. Many parents were in attendance to watch their children in action, as were the department administrators and school board members.

“Seeing these kids helps fuel us to do our jobs,” Blaszkowski said. “Parents, thank you, you raised great kids.”

With gavel in hand, Alex McEachern, in the role of school board President Theresa Genest, kept the mock meeting organized. The students didn’t vote on any agenda items, but instead updated the public on several current projects in the district. Student Dennis Henderson, as Directory of Technology Michael Antoine, reported that the 2018 $58.9 million bond issue will provide additional technology, including iPads and laptops.

“Our plan is to replace these devices at the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year,” Henderson said. “During the last month we have been getting feedback from staff regarding the features they would like to see on the new devices.”

Alecia Dy, as Executive Director of Business and Finance Rayetta Ashbaugh, updated the audience on other bond issue matters.

“We are currently working on closing out series one of the bond we started in 2018. We will have some construction projects that will be completed during the summer months, and that will be the end of series one,” Dy said. “We are just beginning to work on series two on the bond, which will mostly focus on technology updates Mr. Henderson just spoke on.”

The students discussed the status of science, technology, education and math classes in the district, including the addition of a drone class planned for Roseville High School next year. The “RCS officials” also discussed strategies to address school absences, the district’s 100-year anniversary next year, teacher shortages and school supplies.

The mock meeting also gave the students the opportunity to honor a teacher who made the biggest impact on them. McEachern honored Sarah Drouin. Matthews honored Andrea Burns. Dy honored Jodi Teutsch. Henderson honored Josh Kovach.

Thomas Gannon told teacher Taylor Riley about the influence in reading and writing that she’s had on him. The pair also share some other common bonds, including the music of My Chemical Romance.

De’Zire Hendrix didn’t hold back when honoring Vernard Snowden.

“He’s a great coach and an amazing staff member,” Hendrix said. “He keeps everyone motivated with his positive attitude.”

Dai’Ana Woods recognized educator Christine Anderson-DeWitt.

“We have fun. We laugh and give each other sass,” Woods said. “I wouldn’t ask for any other math teacher than DeWitt.”

Jorgianna Crawford handed a tissue to teacher John Lange, because he teared up during her teacher presentation. Nino Pepito had a lot to say about his experiences in Samantha Jordan’s class.

“I found her to be one of the most inspiring, qualified and student-focused teachers,” he said, describing her as “committed, dutiful and unwavering in the pursuit of education.”

Asia Griffin became emotional when addressing Reed Stevens, who teaches astronomy.

“He makes us kids feel welcome in his class,” she said. “He’s taught me more about the stars, galaxy and black holes. He really made me become a better person.”

Se’Milia Duckworth honored Malaika Williams.

Lyndsy Rodriguez honored Emily Collias.

Bethany Leonard honored Aubrey Meade.

Dalyace Grigg honored Becky Gardner.

Bryan Weathersby honored Tammy Blarek.

Brooklyn Cogwell honored Barb Lienemann.

Cheyenne Dunlap honored Sean LaForge.

Katelynn Dixon honored Chrystie Hodakoski.