Roseville High School introduces new transition club for freshmen

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published May 31, 2017


ROSEVILLE — Starting this fall, Roseville High School will introduce the RHS Link Crew Program, a new club to make moving from middle school to high school a smooth transition.

The program’s goal is to build peer relationships that lead to a comfortable environment for learning.

RHS Assistant Principal Monica Gabriel is excited for the new opportunity.

“Overall, I’m really excited. I think this is a great opportunity for all of our kids in the community to feel more connected to school and be excited about their high school experience,” said Gabriel.

“The Link Crew program is pretty detailed and comprehensive, and we just needed something for our freshmen to get them transitioned over in a positive and productive way, and Link Crew seemed to do that for us. It was just more our practice that we needed to change, and Link Crew seemed to fulfill that need,” she said.

Gabriel said upperclassmen are already getting involved for the next school year.

“The incoming freshmen don’t know how to react, because they’ve never experienced anything like this before. Our upperclassmen, they’ve been getting involved in our eighth-grade activities and some district activities so they can get some exposure and some face time with the incoming freshmen, so they can get to know them and let them know how the process is going to go next school year,” said Gabriel.

There has been an eighth-grade welcome night for the incoming freshmen to get a feel for the high school building, meet the teachers, and see the various clubs and sports offered at RHS.

Chris LaFeve, RHS teacher and a Link Crew Program coordinator, received training earlier this year to run the program.

LaFeve said the school staff wanted students for the program who were good role models.

“We went to the faculty and we asked them to recommend students that fit some characteristics: they were either outgoing, showed some potential of leadership, and just looking for role-model students,” he said.

Link Crew leaders consist of 11th- and 12th-graders, and members have to apply every year.

“They know the ins and the outs, and they can be the best mentors for our incoming ninth-graders,” said LaFeve.

“There’s an application, so after the 11th-graders finish their junior year, they’ll reapply, and it’s all based on how they participated not only as a Link Crew leader, but as a school role model,” he said.

Training for the Link Crew will begin June 8, and the program will continue at the freshman orientation Aug. 23.