As part of the commission’s approval, Noxx must change the teal color on all outdoor elements except its logo lettering.

As part of the commission’s approval, Noxx must change the teal color on all outdoor elements except its logo lettering.

Rendering provided by city of Pleasant Ridge

Marijuana business gets license approval in Pleasant Ridge

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published March 8, 2023


PLEASANT RIDGE — Pleasant Ridge’s City Commission has given its approval for its second and final marijuana business application.

The commission approved at its Feb. 14 meeting a marijuana license application to Rapid Fish 2 LLC, which will be operating in the city as Noxx. Noxx will be located at 23622 Woodward Ave.

During discussion of the item, City Manager James Breuckman noted that the city’s parking ordinance requires nine spaces, but that peak parking demand for similar spaces is 10-14 vehicles.

“The site plan meets the on-site parking requirement with 16 spaces … providing 10 additional spaces leased from the neighboring Ferndale Hertz site. Hertz will cease operations once this use begins,” he said. “We’ve confirmed with the city of Ferndale there remains enough parking on the Hertz site that that can operate independently with the 10 spaces going along with the Noxx use. So that is an issue that’s been explored, and we’re confident that we don’t have an issue there.

It was referenced during the meeting that Pleasant Ridge Mayor Bret Scott was able to tour two of Noxx’s facilities in Grand Rapids, which he said were orderly and well run. He said that he didn’t have any complaints with what he saw.

Noxx Chief Revenue Officer Travis Harrison stated that one of the key takeaways from Scott’s visit was how Noxx wanted to be a collaborative partner in this process.

“That could be down to the measure of what the building ultimately looks like and/or how we engage in the community,” he said. “We’re certainly open to that collaborative spirit, and I think (from) what I know of the city thus far, we’re excited to be able to participate that way.”

The application unanimously was approved by the commission, with two conditions. The first was to change the teal color on all outdoor elements except the Noxx logo lettering and to adjust other design elements of the exterior, all of which are subject to administrative approval. The commission did not tell Noxx to change the teal to a specific color.

Based on the original renderings that the city received of the building, Commissioner Ann Perry said they weren’t fitting into the contextual site of Pleasant Ridge and that she wanted the building to better reflect the area.

“The building faces Woodward, and it also faces the neighboring residents in Pleasant Ridge and in Ferndale, and so using similar materials and aesthetics would benefit the entire community, but particularly benefit those who live off the alley as well as travel through the alley on foot,” she said. “There are going to be a lot of bikers through there as well as vehicles, and this would also, I think, really garner good will and feelings towards the business from neighbors in the community, and I know that’s what you want to do, too.”

The application also will be subject to review and approval by the city attorney of all required documents and execution by all parties of “the declaration of restrictions and parking easement.”