Macomb Township trustees hire GIS specialist

By: Dean Vaglia | Macomb Chronicle | Published December 7, 2022


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — The Macomb Township Board of Trustees added a geographic information system specialist to the township’s roster of employees at its Nov. 30 meeting.

Trustees unanimously approved hiring Molly Marks to fill the position, which will oversee the township’s database or geographic information and interpret the data for regular use.

Data is collected by township employees and added to an interactive map. A resident-centric GIS map could include information such as a parcel’s zoning, any easements and other information, all at a click.

“You can go to a specific location on the map, click on whatever the feature is and gain all sorts of information,” Jim Van Tiflin, township land development director, said. 

The full map is used by township departments like the Department of Public Services, but simplified versions of the map can be made available for residents to use.   

The township began working with geographic data when it mapped its sanitary sewer system as part of a Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater program grant, according to Van Tiflin. The township’s entire water system has been scanned and made into a GIS map.

Clerk Kristi Pozzi told the board remotely that her office used GIS maps in order to manage redistricting and inform voters of their new polling locations and precincts. She said she anticipates GIS will be used again when precincts are redrawn.

A consultant is currently managing the township’s GIS data and maps. Marks will join the township in March 2023.


Public hearing held for Industrial Development District
On Nov. 30, the board also held a public hearing about the requested creation of an Industrial Development District within the township for MISC Properties.

“(MISC Properties) has a plan to expand the footprint of their business where it currently resides, and by approving an IDD, it allows them to apply for a tax abatement at a future time,” Charles Pierce, township records manager, said.

MISC Properties is located at 16730 Enterprise Dr. in the Macomb Corporate Center.

No one commented during the public hearing and the board adopted a resolution to establish the IDD.


Utility bills contract approved
The board also approved a three-year extension with Peregrine Solutions of Monroe, Louisiana, for the printing and mailing of utility bills. Peregrine was initially awarded a one-year contract for the work in January 2022.

Despite the distance — which reportedly has been accounted for through scheduling changes — there have been few issues reported with Peregrine’s service. The full four-year contract will cost $43,200, or $10,800 per year.