Vincent Pozzuoli is the new full-time fire inspector in Macomb Township.

Vincent Pozzuoli is the new full-time fire inspector in Macomb Township.

Photo provided by Vincent Pozzuoli

Macomb Township FD hires full-time inspector

By: Dean Vaglia | Macomb Chronicle | Published September 2, 2022


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — The Macomb Township Fire Department has promoted Vincent Pozzuoli to a full-time fire inspector position.

A firefighter for 15 years and son of a Detroit firefighter, Pozzuoli became interested in fire inspections after attending an arson training.

“In 2011, I attended arson training put on by the Michigan State Police in Tustin, MI,” Pozzuoli said via email. “As a firefighter, I thought it was important to know (the) cause and origin of structure fires. The following year, I decided that learning about fire prevention may help prevent potential structure fires and took the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Inspector 1 class. I have kept and maintained my inspector license since then in anticipation of joining our prevention division.”

Pozzuoli did not begin inspections after he earned his license. Those were being handled by three officers, who would visit and inspect businesses while also being expected to perform medical and fire calls.

“We’ve always had the (Fire Inspector) position at least since the mid-to-late 1980s,” MTFD Chief Robert Phillips said. “A few years ago, when we switched and added the 24-hour staffing, the inspectors we had were on 24-hour shifts.”

In recent contract negotiations with the township, the township decided it wanted a full-time inspector in light of the community’s growth. Pozzuoli met the certification requirements as determined by the NFPA and continued to attend inspection training to keep up to date with fire inspection practices and protocol, making him a solid fit for the full-time position.

Phillips sees bringing back the full-time inspector position as a way to make the township safer.

“It allows (Pozzuoli) to focus completely on the inspections (by) being out in the community with the businesses making sure they are opening in a safe manner, which will reduce the possibility of a fire or injury to themselves or the patrons that support the business,” Phillips said.

Pozzuoli says he will visit high-risk facilities every six to 12 months, while low-risk facilities will be visited on a one- to two-year basis. The inspector position also sees Pozzuoli acting as a fire safety educator during Fire Prevention Week every October — Oct. 9-15 this year — and meeting with local students in schools to show off firefighting equipment and encourage families to develop escape plans.

Since fire inspection is now his priority, Pozzuoli will no longer go on medical calls — though he will maintain an EMT license — and will only respond to structure fires. He will also conduct post-fire investigations.

“Macomb Township continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the state,” Pozzuoli said. “The fire department is growing to keep up with the needs of the residents and businesses. We have 4 stations that are staffed 24/7 to answer calls. The former inspectors will continue to be mentors. We are extremely fortunate that the Fire Chief and township board provide us with all the necessary tools and modern equipment to perform our jobs.”