Macomb County calls special election for Clinton Township trustee seat

By: Dean Vaglia | Fraser-Clinton Chronicle | Published June 8, 2022

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Macomb County Clerk Anthony Forlini has called for a special election in Clinton Township in November to fill a board of trustees seat.

Called via a letter sent to Clinton Township Clerk Kim Meltzer, the election will determine who fills the seat left open when Laura Cardamone resigned from the board on April 15.

Cardamone’s resignation opened the door for the Board of Trustees to fill the position for itself, but the board could not reach an agreement at the April 25 meeting to fill the position. Two votes were held, both tying 3-3.

“Because (Cardamone) decided to step down, the Board of Trustees had 45 days to appoint somebody,” Forlini said. “Amongst that group, they could not decide on somebody. So, as a result, after 45 days, I am required to call a special election.”

The board’s inability to make a decision on the matter led to the county clerk stepping in, as pursuant to state law. Meltzer chalks the board’s inability to make a decision up to Cardamone not providing sufficient notice to the board about her impending vacancy.

“Had she given notice 30 days earlier, the board would have had a majority vote to bring somebody in,” Meltzer said. “But she did not do it that way — which is fine, she could do it whatever way she wanted to — but then what that required then was that the Board of Trustees, with six voters versus seven, would have to come to an agreement to appoint someone within 45 days of the vacancy.”

Forlini’s letter to Meltzer outlines how the special election will be carried out. County political parties have until June 16 to file affidavits of identity with Meltzer’s office for their preferred candidate, while candidates without party backing have until 4 p.m. on July 21 to file.

There will not be a primary in August, and the trustee seat will be decided along side the other Nov. 8 elections. Whoever wins the seat will hold it until November 2024.

“Each of the party chairs will submit a person to be on the ballot that they want for their party,” Forlini said.

Both Meltzer and Forlini do not expect any additional major expenses due to there already being an election in November.

Cardamone resigned from the board in April due to moving out of Clinton Township and losing her eligibility to sit on the board. Cardamone was elected to the board in 2020 and previously served on the Chippewa Valley Schools Board of Education.