Gail Borowski named Sterling Heights artist of the month

By: Dean Vaglia | Sterling Heights Sentry | Published September 2, 2022

 This floral painting is an example of work from Gail Borowski, who is the Sterling Heights Arts Commission’s Featured Artist for August and September.

This floral painting is an example of work from Gail Borowski, who is the Sterling Heights Arts Commission’s Featured Artist for August and September.

Photo provided by Gail Borowski


STERLING HEIGHTS — As part of its ongoing program of spotlighting local artists, the Sterling Heights Arts Commission named Gail Borowski as its Featured Artist for August and September.

As part of being featured, nine examples of Borowski’s work are on display at the upper floor of the Sterling Heights Community Center, located at 40250 Dodge Park Road. 

Borowski reacted to the opportunity by calling the city “a great community.”

“I’ve lived in Sterling Heights; I’ve taught here for years. Deep roots, lots of students (and) lots of families that I know will be coming through,” Borowski said. “It’s a great way to connect with the community.”

The work on display comes from her collection of watercolor paintings and graphite drawings of flowers.

“The overall theme is florals or flowers, and I’ve been doing that for years, but this display kind of has a twist,” Borowski said. “Some are just traditional still-life (work of) flowers, but the majority of that nine have extra layers or meanings to them.”

One of the paintings on display features a rose, but with poison ivy leaves in lieu of thorns.

“There’s different hybrids and concepts and surreal situations that you would not see in real life but might cause you to pause and think for a moment,” Borowski said. “I think overall the prettiness of the flowers is inviting, and it’s an easy way to let people into my work — and once they’re there, I’d like to take them a step further and get them thinking a little bit.”

Borowski’s first public display of art occurred at the 2002 Anton Art Center Staff Exhibition, and her work has been featured in shows across Michigan. She was interested in art all throughout her school years, and she graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a degree in fine arts and later obtained teaching certification.

“I didn’t know I wanted to be a teacher until I tried my first class at Wayne State,” Borowski said. “I’ve been dedicated to making art and sharing the love of art for my entire life.”

Borowski has worked with various mediums over the years, typically working with either paintings or sculptures and cycling between themes like birds and flowers. Borowski’s favorite project is the mural she created in Utica in 2021, which is on the side of a fire station.

“I still get a lot of feedback from people, from high school seniors taking their pictures out in front of my mural to families walking by, date night couples taking pictures,” Borowski said. “They track me down and they send me the pictures, and it is so fun to see the joy and excitement that something I made can generate.”

Sterling Heights Arts Commission member Jeanne Schabath-Lewis said Borowski’s floral work is “absolutely stunning.”

“It is something that is pleasant to the eye,” Schabath-Lewis said. “She’ll get a warm reception from everybody.”

The Sterling Heights Arts Commission accepts applicants from within Sterling Heights and around the metro Detroit area. The commission focuses on art that can be displayed, such as illustrated or sculpted work, and showcases selected artists at the Sterling Heights Community Center. Artists looking to apply can do so by visiting