Kment Elementary Principal Paul Schummer is leaving to take a job with the Michigan Department of Education.

Kment Elementary Principal Paul Schummer is leaving to take a job with the Michigan Department of Education.

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Dort and Kment elementary schools get new principals

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published December 19, 2018





ROSEVILLE — Roseville Community Schools will be seeing an administration shake-up following Kment Elementary Principal Paul Schummer leaving to take a job with the Michigan Department of Education.

Schummer’s position will be filled by Dort Elementary Principal Donovan Stec, while Stec’s position will be filled by Roseville High School physics teacher Mike Zimmer.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have led two successful school turnarounds in Roseville at Eastland Middle School and at Kment,” said Schummer. “I have my 30 years in and I am eligible for retirement, but the state of Michigan’s Department of Education saw that success and thought I would be able to help as a partnership agreement liaison for some Detroit-area school districts. I hope to take what I learned here and use it to help other schools.”

Roseville Community Schools Superintendent John Kment said the reason for moving Stec to Kment Elementary rather than promoting a teacher at the school already is that Stec had worked at Kment Elementary before and was already familiar with the school and staff.

“Mr. Stec is already a principal, and he requested to move back to Kment, as he used to work in that building,” Kment said. “He should help improve test scores there. We decided to honor that request.”

Zimmer was chosen to move up to the principal position after an extensive search within the district.

“We had some very qualified people who applied to the position from within,” said Kment. “Mr. Zimmer has already gone back to school and earned his certification for elementary school administration, he has done two internships in elementary schools and was principal at both secondary and elementary summer school programs. … Zimmer has been all over the district and has been very visible.”

Zimmer has been working in the district for many years and has worked at all school levels.

“This is my 17th year in the district, and this was my 12th year at the high school, in which I primarily taught physics,” said Zimmer. “When I first started, I was teaching ninth-grade science at the middle school. I taught middle school physical education, I got bumped down to the elementary school level — which included Dort — to teach physical education before getting moved to teach physics at the high school.”

Schummer expressed his confidence in both Stec and Zimmer.

“I have worked with Mr. Zimmer and Stec before. Both are extremely talented people,” he remarked. “Mr. Stec worked with me in turning around Kment several years ago, and I know he knows and has worked with the teachers and is a great replacement. I had worked with Mr. Zimmer several years ago; he is a hard worker and a very caring educator.”

Schummer’s tenure as principal will end Dec. 31, and Stec and Zimmer will officially take over their new positions Jan. 1.

“My plan when I first get there is to meet the staff and meet the students and start building relationships, and to observe and learn the daily routines so I can help,” Zimmer said. “I will bring energy to the new position and enthusiasm, as well as a family-like atmosphere. I’m very excited to be working with the families at Dort, and I have two elementary-age children of my own. My goal is to advocate for (these families’) kids the way I do my own.”

Schummer expressed his gratitude toward those in the district who helped him become an effective educator.

“I have worked with some very talented and dedicated teachers and staff members,” he said. “John Kment trusted me with a school that has his name on it, and that shows a lot of support. I also had a very friendly and capable school board and a group of families and students who made any success I had possible.”