Pictured are players and coaches from Berkley High’s hockey team. Coach Paul Fox recently said that he is “super excited about the season.”

Pictured are players and coaches from Berkley High’s hockey team. Coach Paul Fox recently said that he is “super excited about the season.”

Photo provided by Dan Radomski

Berkley High hockey returns with a veteran squad

By: Mark Vest | Woodward Talk | Published December 11, 2018


BERKLEY — Berkley High hockey coach Paul Fox said he has been looking forward to this season “for a very long time.”

Although some high school coaches have only known their players for less than four years, Fox has a longer history with some of his players, which can help make his job far from mundane.

“These are kids that I’ve been around and coaching since mini-mites,” Fox said. “I’m super excited about the season; I’m super excited about the group of kids that we have, and the parents as well. We’ve got a great support group.”

Fox said there are 14 seniors on the team.

“They know it’s their last year, so they’re willing to do whatever it takes, just to make it memorable and something they can look back on and say, ‘Yeah, this is what we did for 12 years of our lives, and it was capped off by an amazing season our senior year,’” Fox said. “It’s something (that) as a coach, you’re thankful to have these types of opportunities.”

Three of the seniors are captain Matt Segall, along with assistants Franklin Wahl and Marcus Frankel.

Fox said those players bring a lot of “great leadership” to the team.

The Bears can use some solid leadership as they attempt to be one of the top teams in the Oakland Activities Association, which does not have separate divisions this season.

At press time, Berkley was 4-5 overall.

Fox would like for his squad to finish in the upper half of the OAA before moving on to the playoffs, which begin in February.

As nice of an accomplishment as winning an OAA championship would be, the greatest rewards come with postseason success.

“It’s not over just (because) you win your league,” Fox said. “There’s another whole step; there’s another whole process there that has bigger opportunities and bigger recognition around the state for a player. And it’s actually a great selling point to new players coming in that you get a chance to go out and not only play in front of your school, you get a chance to go out and play against teams from around the state, really make a name for yourself. That’s an important thing, and it’s (a) great selling point for any high school program.”

Sometimes the past can serve as a great teacher, and the Bears have a chance to use it to their advantage this season.

“I think the biggest lesson from last year to this year would be to not let people dictate to us what we’re capable of,” Fox said. “Let us dictate to everybody else what we’re capable of. We have a good team, and I think if we can go out there and show people what we’re truly capable of, I think Berkley’s (going to) be a very competitive team this year.”