Youths arrested for break-ins in Harper Woods

By: Brendan Losinski | Advertiser Times | Published May 12, 2017

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HARPER WOODS — Harper Woods police arrested two juvenile suspects late last month following a series of break-ins in Harper Woods.

The break-ins took place during the course of two days, with the suspects allegedly breaking into three homes and attempting to enter two more. None of the residents were home during the incidents.

“There were two houses they successfully robbed, and two attempts, and then the next day they broke into a fifth house,” explained Harper Woods Public Safety Chief James Burke. “The next day, they were caught by officers on surveillance in the neighborhood as they attempted to enter the fifth house.”

The arrest took place on April 26. Given their ages, authorities could not divulge the identities of the 15- and 16-year-old suspects. They reportedly are being tried by the Wayne County Juvenile Division.

“They saw the juvenile judge the next day (April 27),” said Burke. “They were sent to the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility.”

It wasn’t clear why the pair attempted to enter two homes but did not enter them. 

“They may have thought someone was home, but there were two definite failed attempts,” Burke said. “The good news is the detectives were able to recover all stolen property after arresting the suspects.”

Burke said this is a vivid reminder for residents to never hesitate in calling the police if they see something suspicious.

“The biggest deterrent to thefts like this are neighbors reporting anything out of place and reporting it right away,” Burke said. “Crime like this has gone down dramatically in the last 10 years. Community involvement is a big part of that.”

The chief also wanted to ensure that his officers and detectives were credited properly for the arrests. 

“It’s another example of the work our patrol officers do,” he said. “They coordinated with each other and the detective bureau. We put our team into place and they worked the area, did their job, and I’m very proud of the fact that they caught the felons in the act.”