Yancey, Corcoran and Creswell win District 1 primaries

By: Brendan Losinski | C&G Newspapers | Published August 9, 2017 | Updated August 9, 2017 10:28am


In the Aug. 8 primary, voters residing in the state House of Representatives District 1 selected Democrat Tenisha Yancey, Republican Mark Corcoran and Libertarian Gregory Creswell to advance to the general election in November.

The three candidates will now compete to be the representative for Michigan’s 1st District.

“I am very, very grateful, and I give thanks to God, I thank my constituents, and I couldn’t have done this without the support system I have,” said Yancey. “I would like to thank former Rep. Brian Banks for his help in the race, and there’s still a huge constituent base that respects him in this district. I’m only sorry I had to make this step because of the issues surrounding him.”

“I’m happy; I didn’t think I had much of a chance,” remarked Corcoran. “I’m a working man, but there were a lot of people behind me who supported me. I’m going to try and put more effort into the general election. I depend on the working man to see me and see I care about what they care about.”

“It’s expected to move forward being unopposed, but I got a good response from people about issues like car insurance being too damn high. I never heard from one voter saying I was wrong about that statement, so I just have to get out there and get my message out to more voters,” said Creswell. “It’s an uphill battle, but I am proud to represent the party in the election, and I have some firm commitments to my campaign from some of my party members.”

The district has been without a state representative in Lansing since the former representative, Banks, resigned Feb. 6 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of filing false financial statements. The winner of the November election will serve out the remainder of Banks’ term, which will end Jan. 1, 2019.

Fourteen candidates were on the ballot for District 1 residents to choose from. This included stiff competition on the Democratic side between Yancey and Sandra Bucciero, Ronald D. Diebel, John William Donahue, Burgess Dwight Foster, Kirkland W. Garey, Keith D. Hollowell, Justin Johnson, Gowana Mancill Jr., Pamela M. Sossi and Washington Youson. Corcoran squared off with William Phillips for the Republican spot, while Creswell ran unopposed as a Libertarian.

“Now that the primary is over, there is no more doubt or anticipating. I know where I stand now, and I know what I have to do,” said Yancey. “I learned this process takes a lot of work. (Moving forward) I plan on continuing the campaign, and I’m not going to take anything for granted, even if it is a majority Democratic district. I will continue to keep knocking on doors and talking to the people I want to represent.”

“I don’t think my views have changed since the election began,” said Corcoran. “I’m surprised I had so many votes from the city of Detroit. I think working people everywhere are sick of politics as usual and the usual lawyers who run. I want to be sincere and honest, and I have my personal convictions and views, and I will depend on the average working class guy to decide what they want. I see the problems people have affording just the cost of living and basic things like car insurance.”

“My positions have not changed,” said Creswell. “My three main core issues have not changed. We need to repeal the no-fault law, reduce the power and control of all politicians in Michigan and, as a Libertarian, I believe taxation is theft. I believe going forward, if I go door to door, I have a good chance.”

Yancey received 2,215 votes, according to unofficial results from the Wayne County Clerk’s Office. Her strongest challenges came from Sossi, who received 2,017 votes, and Bucciero, who received 956 votes. Corcoran defeated Phillips with 819 votes to Phillips’ 282 votes, and Creswell received 73 votes.