Woman allegedly punches, kicks, spits at police

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published November 27, 2018

 Sylvia Hope Verellen

Sylvia Hope Verellen


A 33-year-old Roseville woman is charged with aggravated assault of a police officer after she reportedly punched and kicked police, then grabbed for an officer’s holstered handgun while handcuffed and under arrest.

According to the police report, police were called to a home on Jamaica Drive, near 14 Mile and Stephenson Highway, on a report of an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Police said the resident’s son had asked his girlfriend to leave, but she was reportedly uncooperative.

Troy police Sgt. Meghan Lehman said police found her to be intoxicated and uncooperative.

According to the report, police tried to escort her from the home, but she resisted  — striking one officer in the face with a closed fist.

Police said they placed her in handcuffs, but she refused to walk and had to be carried out of the home, kicking police in the legs.

Lehman said that when police got the suspect outside, she began to struggle and grabbed for an officer’s holstered handgun. She was placed on the ground to prevent her from getting control of the gun.

When police put her in the patrol car, she reportedly tried to spit at the officer whose gun she had grabbed at.

According to the report, she was transported to the Troy Police Department, where she reportedly continued to be uncooperative, striking a police service aide twice with a closed fist.

Lehman said the woman told police she had swallowed earrings that belonged to her boyfriend and she was transported for treatment to a local hospital for her safety and welfare.

Police said the earrings were retrieved.

Sylvia Hope Verellen was arraigned in 52-4 District Court Nov. 26 on charges of assault/resist/obstruct a police officer, and assault and battery.

Bond was set at $2,000. She appeared in court without an attorney, and her attorney could not be reached at press time.