The West Bloomfield Fire Department closed Fire Station 3 Jan. 26 to be demolished and rebuilt.

The West Bloomfield Fire Department closed Fire Station 3 Jan. 26 to be demolished and rebuilt.

Photo by Maddie Forshee

WBFD closes fire station to demolish, rebuild

By: Maddie Forshee | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published February 1, 2018

WEST BLOOMFIELD — The West Bloomfield Fire Department officially closed Fire Station No. 3 for demolition Jan. 26. 

The 64-year-old fire station will be demolished and rebuilt as a new fire station. The station was built in 1954, when West Bloomfield Township and its surrounding areas were growing, said Fire Chief Greg Flynn. 

The fire station was originally built for volunteer firefighters and then grew to accommodate four full-time firefighters.

“In just a few short weeks, the station before us will be no longer, and we will replace it with a fire station that will serve our community for decades to follow,” said Flynn. “We will open a new fire station and receive a new fire engine in late 2018.”

The station will be rebuilt because it was aging and outdated.

“It’s definitely representative of an aging infrastructure, and it’s time to update,” said Township Clerk Debbie Binder. “People in West Bloomfield count on … public safety. We’re grateful for everything you do, and we’re excited to go through this project and see this new station come to fruition.” 

The new station will staff four full-time firefighters and house four fire apparatuses, just like the old station did. 

But the new station’s vehicle bays will be much larger than the old ones, allowing for ease of entry for fire trucks, ambulances and other vehicles. 

The station will have two floors, with the first floor holding bunks and offices, while the second floor will hold a fitness center and a patio. Currently, the station has fitness equipment, but in a very confined space. The new space will allow for more room for firefighters to work out. 

The township has never demolished and rebuilt a station before.

Flynn said that the budget for the project has not been set yet, as bidding will occur in February. 

West Bloomfield Township’s budget for the public safety capital improvement fund is $4.7 million, which includes the construction of the new fire station. 

“Thank you to our elected officials that have made the new station a reality,” said Flynn. “Thank you to our residents that support the men and women of the West Bloomfield Fire Department.”