Warren’s list of 2023 mayoral candidates grows

By: Gena Johnson | Warren Weekly | Published February 3, 2023


WARREN — As of Feb. 2, four candidates had officially filed to run for mayor of Warren.

They are James Fouts, Patrick Green, Michelle Nard and Ron Papandrea.

All have served the city of Warren and the community in various roles.


James Fouts
Fouts has been the mayor of Warren since 2011. If elected, this will be his fifth term as mayor.

“Today, I am very optimistic than ever about the future of our city,” Fouts said as he announced his candidacy.

There are many planks in the Fouts platform, which includes building a town center and a walkable downtown that serves as a centerpiece destination.  If reelected, Fouts plans to use American Rescue Plan Act funds for a great park system that includes skateparks and playscapes.  His plans also include upgrading the phone system and other software improvements to keep the city services going without any interruption.

“The best is yet to come and that is why I chose to run for mayor and complete the job!” Fouts said.


Patrick Green
Green is currently the president of the Warren City Council and the city’s mayor pro tem.

“It’s now or never for Warren,” Green said.  “These past years have shined a bright light on the longstanding problems in our city and it is past time for action.  I’m running for mayor to build a brighter tomorrow, today.”

Green formally announced his intention to run for mayor in December. His platform includes building a more inclusive city for each resident, where families feel safe and secure.

“We must come together to build a more just and inclusive city for each and every resident, and provide opportunities for everyone to  succeed,” Green said.  “Together, we will build a more dynamic, inclusive and healthy Warren.”


Michelle Nard
Nard is currently serving her second two-year term on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners.  She is an executive member of Southeast Michigan Council of Governments as a delegate, is the vice chair on SEMCOG’s Traffic and Safety Task Force, and is a member of the Regional Review Committee. Nard is also a member of the Michigan Association of Counties Agriculture and Tourism Committee. 

“Where there is no vision the people will perish,” said Nard. “My vision for Warren is safe neighborhoods, fix the crumbling roads, have homes in south Warren properly assessed for their real value and a walkable beautiful downtown that is a destination place.”

“(With) my experience as a Macomb County Commissioner and executive member of SEMCOG as a delegate, I know how to successfully tap resources that will move this city forward,” Nard said.

She said she will work effectively with the council and the county.


Ron Papandrea
Papandrea served 28 years as an assistant city attorney in Warren. He was appointed to the Warren City Council in 2016 and elected to his first four-year term in 2019.

He announced his mayoral run on Jan. 3.

Papandrea’s platform includes pushing forward the downtown development plan, building a first class hotel and having a destination downtown in Warren.

“Using COVID money to finally renovate our parks, including the total renovation of Halmich Park, a cricket field, and renovations throughout the entire park — soccer fields, baseball fields, pavilion and restrooms, while not reducing the number of soccer fields,” Papandrea said.

“If Mayor Fouts is removed from the ballot, I will use my own funds to hire him as deputy mayor and we will work together for the people of Warren,” Papandrea said. “The tired politics of the past must come to an end.”