Warren Fire Department chief of EMS retires after 25 years

By: Gena Johnson | Warren Weekly | Published February 20, 2024

 Edward Hanna

Edward Hanna


WARREN — Edward Hanna served with the Warren Fire Department for more than 25 years and retired from his post as chief of EMS on Jan. 27.

“He has been working hard to train his replacement and I am positive he (the replacement) will do a good job, but Ed is one of a kind,” said Warren Fire Commissioner Wilburt “Skip” McAdams. “He is especially dedicated to this city, the department and the EMS program.

“I just haven’t had to worry about the EMS division with him leading that division. He has been a great person to work with over the years,” McAdams said.

Hanna served as chief of EMS since March 2019.

“I loved my job. I loved going to work every day there,” Hanna said. “Twenty-five years didn’t seem like work to me. It was a joy every day I went in.”

Hanna said he enjoyed how every day brought something new.

“It was different every day I went to work.  Being able to help people at their worst time and being able to do that throughout the years really brought satisfaction,” Hanna said.

Being with the department more than a quarter of a century, Hanna said what he would miss most was, “The camaraderie in the department. We have great guys there. And being able to help people and save lives.”

According to Warren City Council Secretary Mindy Moore, the city was able to purchase emergency squads and equipment because of Hanna, at a time when others couldn’t get vehicles and equipment to purchase.

“He has contacts all over the country. He has been instrumental in coming up with the specs and everything,” Moore said. “He has such a good relationship with suppliers throughout the country.”

Hanna developed these contacts within and outside of the Warren Fire Department.

“I just had a vast set of resources I was able to draw from,” Hanna said. “And getting the support from the fire commissioner and, of course ultimately, without the support of the council, we’d never have been able to get some of the equipment and add another squad to our fleet.”

Members of the City Council said they did not want to see Hanna go.

“I begged him to stay,” Moore said. “The department won’t be the same without him.”

Moore continued.

“I want to thank him for his service, his bravery, his dedication to this city for so many years. I wish him well in retirement. I hope his health is good and hope he has a wonderful time in retirement.”

According to McAdams, Hanna was hired on Sept. 4, 1998. Hanna said he started as a firefighter then moved up the ranks to driver, sergeant and then chief of EMS.

Hanna served 32 years in the fire service.  He started his career at the Ford-Rouge fire station in Dearborn serving 4 1/2 years there and 25 years with the Warren Fire Department.

“I have my health. I plan to stay local and look into fire service teaching opportunities,” Hanna said.

As one Hanna retires from the department, another Hanna is beginning his career. Jacob Hanna, Ed’s son, was part of the new hires and promotions ceremony in the fall of 2023.  In June, he will have been with the department for two years.

Jacob grew up going to the fire station.

“Ever since I was just able to walk, I was going to the fire station,” Jacob Hanna said. “Seeing him leave the firehouse in the fire truck, as a kid, I thought it was awesome. Just being exposed to that environment made me love it and want to do it.”

The father and son had an opportunity to work together once on a medical run.

“Just working with him and being with him on the scene was really cool,” Jacob Hanna said. “It was cool because it was at the station he spent 90% of his career at, Nine (Mile Road) and Ryan (Road), Station 3. That was the station I grew up going to my whole life.”

According to Jacob Hanna, fire service is what his father has done and loved for more than 30 years.

“It’s a happy and sad moment. He gets to start a new portion of his life,” Jacob Hanna said on his dad’s retirement.  “We lose him in the fire department, all his knowledge and experience.”

The department has a new cadet class of 11 men and one woman that started orientation Feb. 12 and slated to complete their training in March 2025.