Warren, Center Line voters to decide state, county, local positions, millages

Warren Weekly | Published October 24, 2018


In the Warren Weekly’s coverage area, voters will decide multiple state, county and local school board races, three statewide ballot proposals, as well as a millage proposal in Van Dyke Public Schools on Nov. 6.

Candidates were asked, in 75 words or fewer, to state their top goal(s) if elected. If a candidate went over the word limit, (…) replaces the rest of the answer. (I) indicates that the candidate is an incumbent. The answers are printed verbatim except where material is omitted due to personal attacks or items we know to be false or that are blatant misrepresentations.

Profiles do not appear for candidates running unopposed.


Six candidates are running for one four-year term.

Bill Schuette
Age: 64
Occupation: Attorney General, conservative candidate for governor  
Municipality of residence: Midland
For how long: Since he was a child
Online campaign information: No answer given  
Education: Georgetown University and University of San Francisco Law School
Previously held elected offices: He has served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Michigan Senate, and as a Judge on the Michigan Court of Appeals.
Top goals: As Michigan’s next governor, I will make Michigan win again. We will grow our paychecks and population. We will accomplish this by finally cutting auto insurance rates (currently the highest in America), improve low-ranking 3rd grade reading scores, increase vocational training for skilled trade careers, and drive a stake through the Granholm Income Tax hike, which has cost Michigan families $8 billion.

Gretchen Whitmer
Age: 46
Occupation: Candidate for Governor
Municipality of residence: East Lansing, MI
For how long: 20+ Years
Online campaign information: gretchenwhitmer.com
Education: Michigan State University, College of Law, Magna Cum Laude
Michigan State University, BA Communications
Previously held elected offices: Senate Democratic Leader, 2010 - 2014; Michigan State Senate, 2006 - 2014; Michigan State Representative, 2000 - 2006
Top goals:
Fix our roads the right way, the first time, with high-quality materials and mix so we can get the job done right.
Make sure every Michigander has a quality public education that gets them on a path to a high wage skill.
Make health care more affordable. As Senate Democratic Leader, I negotiated with Republicans to expand health care to more than 680,000 Michiganders. As governor, I’ll take on Republicans who threaten our care.

Bill Gelineau
Age: 58
Occupation: Title Agent
Municipality of residence: Lowell
For how long: No answer given
Online campaign information: http://cometogethermichigan.org
Education: Wayne State
Previously held elected offices: No answer given
Top goals: Our goal is to destroy the system that only allows 2 voices (D’s and R’s) to dominate the political structures of the state. Our plan is to implement Ranked Choice Voting (see: FairVote.org).
By reducing expenditures on prisons and crony capitalism, we have the money to fix roads, make prudent investments in school counselors, and restructure school districts.
We’re the best hope to give Michigan another choice and foster sensible solutions. www. ComeTogetherMichigan.org

U.S. Taxpayers
Todd Schleiger
Age: 52
Occupation: Transportation Specialist
Municipality of residence: Lake Orion
For how long: 7 years
Online campaign information: checktodd.com
Education: High School and some online Business Courses
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: My Top goals to reform and better our schools, lower auto insurance by up to 70%, Lower Health insurance cost by up to 50%, actually fix our roads and infrastructure without raising our taxes.

Natural Law
Keith Butkovich
Age: 34
Occupation: Retail management
Municipality of residence: Wayne
For how long: 11 years
Online campaign information: www.facebook.com/butkovichforgovernor
Education: HS Diploma, Lamphere High School, Madison Heights
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Reduce car insurance rates, eliminate income tax, more freedom and less government.

Jennifer V. Kurland
Age: 37
Occupation: N/A
Municipality of residence: Redford Twp
For how long: 13 years
Online campaign information: www.kurland4michigan.com
Education: Associate’s Degree – Liberal Arts – Schoolcraft College
Bachelor’s Degree – Political Science Public Affairs – Wayne State University
Previously held elected offices: Redford Union School Board Trustee – elected 2012 to 2013 – 2018 term, served as President for 3 1/2 years, currently Treasurer
Top goals: My top goals are to make the people of Michigan’s lives better, more prosperous, and pollution free.  Addressing the statewide crisis of lead poisoning in children, growing issues with PFAs, and begin charging the true cost of doing business to corporate polluters.  We can put Michiganders to work with good, green jobs of the future in trades and by taking further advantage of the new businesses that growing industrial hemp will bring to our state.


Secretary of State
Four candidates are running for one four-year term.

Mary Treder Lang
Age: 58
Occupation: VP of Major Gifts at Vista Maria (On a leave of absence)
Municipality of residence: Grosse Pointe Farms
For how long: 27 and the previous 31 years in Grosse Pointe Woods
Online campaign information: marytrederlangforsos.com
Education: B.S. in both Accounting and Marketing from the University of Dayton
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: My top goals if elected are to improve our branch offices by increasing online services, introducing an ExpressSOS app for smart phones, expanding MI-Time, and providing self-service kiosks in Michigan based-businesses across the state.
I also want to increase elections training for clerks and poll workers along with recruiting additional poll workers to help with understaffed precincts on Election Day. I will forge partnerships with Secretaries of States nationally to learn best practices.

Jocelyn Benson
Age: 41
Occupation: CEO & President, Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE)
Municipality of residence: Detroit, Michigan
For how long: 14 years
Online campaign information: www.votebenson.com
Education: Wellesley College, B.A., Harvard Law School, J.D., Oxford University (UK), M.Phil.
Previously held elected offices: Wellesley Town Meeting, Wellesley, MA
Top goals: I am running for Secretary of State to save people time, save them money, and protect their voice and their vote.  As Michigan’s chief elections officer I will work to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.  The priorities I will fight for are a 30-Minute Guarantee for services; a ban on fee increases; secure elections, protecting the sacred right to vote; and taking Michigan from worst to first in transparency and ethics.

Gregory Scott Stempfle

Age: 41

Occupation: Medical Technologist

Municipality of residence: Ferndale

For how long: 8 years

Online campaign information: www.stempfle4sos.com

Education:  BS Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Wayne State (2008), MS Molecular Biology, Wayne State (2015)

Previously held elected offices: None  

Top goals: The most important responsibility of the Secretary of State is to guarantee the fair administration of elections. To that end I will be a strong supporter of expanding voting rights and making the registration and voting process easier and I will advocate for election reforms that will make our elected officials more representative of the voting public and expand the inclusion of independent and third party candidates.


U.S. Taxpayers
Robert Gale
Did not return questionnaire by press time.


Attorney General
Five candidates are running for one four-year term.

Tom Leonard
Age: 37
Occupation: Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives
Municipality of residence: DeWitt, MI
For how long: 11 years
Online campaign information: LeonardForAG.com
Education: BA, University of Michigan; JD, Michigan State University
Previously held elected offices: State Representative, 2013-2018
Top goals: I have spent my entire career making Michigan safer and stronger, and that will be my top priority as Michigan’s next attorney general. I have a detailed plan ready to go to put a stronger focus on fighting violent crime, rooting out sexual predators and continuing to reform Michigan’s broken mental health system. And with experience as a prosecutor and an assistant attorney general, I have the right experience to put it into action.

Dana Nessel
Age: 49
Occupation: President, Fair Michigan Foundation
Municipality of residence: Plymouth
For how long: 10+ years
Online campaign information: dana2018.com
Education: BA, University of Michigan. JD, Wayne State University.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: “As I see it, the role of Attorney General is to be the last legal line of defense in protecting Michigan citizens from abuses by predatory actors. Unfortunately, our current Attorney General can and should be counted as one of those bad actors, in addition to our current President. My top priorities in office will be centered around returning the office of Attorney General to what it was always intended to be, the people’s attorney.”

Lisa Lane Gioia
Age: 50
Occupation: small business owner
Municipality of residence: West Bloomfield
For how long: 15 years
Online campaign information: lisaforliberty.com
Education: Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals:
(1) Should the cannabis proposal pass, ensuring a smooth transition to new laws, including promoting the release of all persons incarcerated for non-violent, marijuana-related crimes.
(2) Thorough review of all cases currently before the Office of the AG to ensure they have been handled properly in protecting individual freedoms and providing restitution to victims.
(3) Eliminating civil asset forfeiture.
(4) Monitoring and prosecuting injustices/abuses perpetrated by government and law enforcement officials.

U.S. Taxpayers
Gerald T. Van Sickle
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

No party affiliation
Chris Graveline
Age: 45
Occupation: Attorney (most recent position: Chief, Violent & Organized Crime Unit, U.S. Attorney’s Office – Eastern District of Michigan)
Municipality of residence: Berkley
For how long: 9 years
Online campaign information: cgforag.com
Education: MA — International Affairs, Catholic University of America; JD — University of New Hampshire Law School; BA — Liberal Arts, Magdalen College
Previously held elected offices: Board of Parks & Recreation (non-partisan) — Town of Warner, NH (during law school)
Top goals: My top goal is to remove partisan political considerations from the Attorney General’s office. Both political parties have targeted the attorney general positions nationwide as a means to advance their policy arguments through lawsuit. This practice must end. Instead, I would focus the office’s resources on helping our cities and municipalities in curbing violent crime, the opioid trade, human trafficking, and identity theft. Additionally, I would shift resources to aggressively pursue consumer protection enforcement.

U.S. Senate
Five candidate are running for one six-year term.

John James
Age: 37
Occupation: President, James Group International
Municipality of residence: Farmington Hills, MI
For how long: 8 Years
Online campaign information: JohnJamesForSenate.com
United States Military Academy: Bachelor of Science
Penn State University: Master of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems
University of Michigan: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: I have a passion for service. My core values are: Faith and Family, God and Country and Service before Self. My goal as a Senator is bringing economic opportunity back to Michigan and getting help to the 22 veterans that commit suicide each day. From the battlefield to the boardroom, I have served my country and my community my entire life, and I am running for Senate to protect the American Dream for future generations.

Debbie Stabenow (I)
Age: 68
Occupation: U.S. Senator
Municipality of residence: Lansing
For how long: Adulthood
Online campaign information: www.debbiestabenow.com
Education: Michigan State University - B.A. and M.S.W.
Previously held elected offices:
-United States Senator
-United States Representative for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District
-State Senator in Michigan Senate
-State Representative in Michigan House of Representatives
-Commissioner and Chair, Ingham County Board of Commissioners
Top goals: I am a champion for Michigan’s economy and good jobs. That’s why I focus on growing a diverse economy in Michigan that includes manufacturing, technology, small business creation, agriculture, education and career training. I am also focused on lowering costs for families, whether it’s the cost of college, health insurance or prescription drugs. Every day, I suit up for Michigan and fight for our families and way of life.

U.S. Taxpayers
George E. Huffman III
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Marcia Squier
Age: 43
Occupation: Exercise/Fitness Instructor.
Municipality of residence: Saint Clair Shores
For how long: Saint Clair Shores resident for 8 years. Currently moving to Sterling Heights. Lifelong Michigan (Metro Detroit Area)
Online campaign information: marciasquier.com
Education: Fraser Public Schools- Top10 in Class of 1993 (4.07 GPA)
Wayne State University- Bachelor of Science Degree with Major in Psychology on a full academic scholarship and partial athletic scholarship (3.58 GPA). Lifetime Member of Golden Key National Honor Society.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: #HIRE Jobs Program (Healthcare, Infrastructure, Renewables and Education). Retroactive Cannabis and Hemp Legalization. End War on Drugs altogether. Healthcare and Education for All (PreK-PhD/Skilled Trades). Bring Our Troops home and End the Never-ending War on Terror/Interventionistic Regime Change Wars. Eliminate megacorporations’ chokehold on governmental policies and officials. Tax reform that favors the Individual and Small Businesses. Hand-counted Paper Ballots with Citizen Oversight (NOT Machine-counted with Government Oversight).

Natural Law
John Howard Wilhelm
Age: 79
Occupation: Retired Economist
Municipality of residence: Ann Arbor, MI
For how long: Since 1961
Online campaign information: www.nationalrenewalparty.org
Education: Ph.D. Economics, University of Michigan, 1974
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: To have the visibility, ties and resources to push for voting reform at the federal level to open up our political processes to credible third parties and to use that to push for better policy discussions in light of the Club of Rome projections, impending peak oil, populations sustainability and the issue of immigration. Also to push for reform of our intelligence operations, and foreign policy concerning Russia and the Middle East. See my website.


U.S. House of Representatives District 9
Four candidates are running for one two-year term.

Candius Stearns
Age: 46
Occupation: Insurance agency business owner / President DFBenefits Inc and DFB TPA Services LLC
Municipality of residence: Sterling Heights Michigan
For how long: since 1999
Online campaign information: www.candiusforcongress.com
Education: Associates in Liberal Arts from Macomb Community College, Registered Health Underwriter from The American College
Previously held elected offices: Precinct Delegate
Top goals: I firmly believe this election is not about Republicans or Democrats. It also isn’t about me or my opponent. It is about ALL OF US and making sure we work together to help Michigan thrive. My top three goals once elected are building economic opportunity, supporting national security and, lowering the cost of prescriptions and medical care. I’ve built relationships helping others in Michigan my entire life. I’ll be the voice for the people’s seat.

Andy Levin
Age: 58
Occupation: Founder & Managing Partner of Levin Energy Partners, a public-private partnership for clean energy strategies
Municipality of residence: Bloomfield Township
For how long: 12 years
Online campaign information: andylevinforcongress.com
Education: Harvard Law School, J.D.; University of Michigan, M.A.; Williams College, B.A.
Previously held elected offices: No answer given
Top goals: I’m running for the 9th Congressional District to be a champion for working families in Washington. Too many of our jobs have been shipped overseas, privatized, and made part-time or temporary. We need to restore the middle class, and we can do that by fighting for good-paying jobs with benefits, quality public schools, debt-free higher education, job retraining programs, and universal affordable health coverage.

John V. McDermott
Age: 56
Occupation: Document Review Attorney.
Municipality of residence: Hazel Park.
For how long: 3 years.
Online campaign information: https://electjohnvmcdermott.com
Education: B.A. Accounting, MSU 1986, J.D. Univ. Detroit-Mercy, 1994
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Priorities: 1) Peace, 2) Economic Justice, 3) Legal Justice. We need to end the seventeen years of pointless wars in ME by rescinding 2001 and 2002 AUMF’s and withdrawing troops. We need to restore Economic Justice and more equal economic opportunity. We need to restore faith in law enforcement through full reform.

Working Class
Andrea Kirby
Did not return questionnaire by press time.


State Senate District 9
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Jeff Bonnell
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Paul Wojno
Age: 62
Occupation: Warren City Clerk
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 28 years
Online campaign information: www.paulwojno.com
Education: Center Line High School, Macomb Community College, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Wayne State University (BA) and K-12 Certification, State Level I Assessor Training.
Previously held elected offices: State Representative 28th District, Warren City Clerk
Top goals: ROADS:  Corporations must pay their fair share. We need to rebuild not resurface roads and require contractor warranties. NO-FAULT NSURANCE REFORM: Providing affordability, consumer protection and MCCA fund transparency. EDUCATION: Expand early childhood and early college funding, return lost benefits to our teachers. JOBS: reduce taxes on the middle class, support business that stay in Michigan, develop comprehensive infrastructure plan that creates jobs in skilled trades, technology, renewable energy, equal pay for equal work.


State House of Representatives District 22
Three candidates are running for one two-year term.

Arthur Blundell
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

John Chirkun (I)
Age: 66
Occupation: Current State Representative, 22nd District; former Mayor of Roseville; retired Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy (29 years); Former Vice President of SEIU Local 502
Municipality of residence: Roseville
For how long: 37 years
Online campaign information: www.johnchirkun.com
Education: Attended Macomb Community College and Highland Park Community College. Graduated from the Wayne County Police Academy in 1979 and the State Police Instructor’s School in 1984. Also served in the United States Air Force from 1971-1977.
Previously held elected offices: Roseville City Council, November 1995-January 2009; Roseville Mayor, January 2009-December 2014; State Representative, January 2015-present
Top goals: Economy: Strengthen efforts to create stable, good paying jobs; repeal Right to Work and pension tax; restore EITC and Homestead Property Tax; lower car insurance rates
Education Investments: Supporting our future by properly funding K-12 public education and making college/trade school education affordable
Keeping Communities Safe: Restoring revenue sharing to fund police, fire, and EMS; create fair, bipartisan road funding plan that actually fixes roads; fund sewer/water infrastructure improvements; preventing dangerous criminals from being released

Matt Kuehnel
Age: 35           
Occupation: Facility Maintenance Technician
Municipality of residence: Warren, MI
For how long: 3 years
Online campaign information: www.matt4michigan.com
Education: Associate degree from Baker College
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: My top priorities are criminal justice reform, repealing “right to work”, creating a sanctuary state, increasing access to healthcare, civil liberties, and corruption. Michigan residents, along with our natural resources, generate a mass amount of wealth. Yet, the majority of people in this state are still unable to afford basic necessities like food, clean water, shelter, healthcare, and education. I would work to ensure that no one is deprived these basic needs.


State House of Representatives District 25
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Republican Jazmine M. Early
Age: 48
Occupation: Architect/ Draftsperson/ Language Instructor
Municipality of residence: Sterling Heights
For how long: 14 years
Online campaign information: jazminemearly.com
Education: Associates Degree in General Studies with emphasis in Architecture, Macomb Community College/ Bachelor in Architecture
Previously held elected offices: Precinct Delegate
Top goals: I led the protest against the 2015 sales tax increase. It was defeated. Helped stop the proposal for a park/bike trail on the Relief Drain that could have cost taxpayers more than $6 Million. Supports eliminating Pension Tax. Maintain state funding for police, fire, long-lasting roads and clean water, top priorities for a Safer and Stronger community. Better funding for schools and skilled-trade training to create better paying jobs will move our economy forward.

Nate Shannon
Age: 43
Occupation: Public school teacher
Municipality of residence: Sterling Heights
For how long: 9 years
Online campaign information: www.nateforstaterep.com
Education: B.A Political Science (Oakland University) M.A Education (Wayne State University)
Previously held elected offices: Sterling Heights City Councilman, January 2015 to present
Top goals: Public service is a calling and I am dedicated to making our state a place that provides opportunities for everyone. One that provides the necessary service to our Seniors and Veterans. One that makes sure our kids are learning and are safe in school. One that works to make healthcare more affordable. One that protects our environment. And one that creates a thriving economy that provides good jobs for the people of Michigan.


State House of Representatives District 28
Three candidates are running for one two-year term.

Aaron Delikta Age: 22
Occupation: Part time for a computer service company
Municipality of residence: Center Line
For how long: 22 years
Online campaign information: https://www.facebook.com/DeliktaForStateRep/
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Michigan State University
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: If elected, I want to help bridge the divide between the major parties in our government. I want to make legislation that benefits everyone in my District, and for the entire State of Michigan. The main issues that I want to work on are fixing Michigan’s infrastructure, helping our public education system, and lowering auto insurance rates.

Lori M. Stone Age: 38
Occupation: Teacher
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 38 years
Online campaign information: www.electloristone.com    
Education: Fitzgerald High School & Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center, 1998; Bachelor’s degree: Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy; Elementary Education, 2002, Michigan State University; Master’s degree: Science Education, Michigan State University; 2008 Michigan Political Leadership Program Fellow, MSU 2017
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Utilizing professional experience, I will create effective policies that better prepare our students for the future and address quality of public education.  I will also create economic policies that support workers ability to maintain a middle class standard of living.  Improving roads, bridges, sewers, and water treatment with sustainable revenue for repairs and maintenance is a priority.  Another goal is addressing the astronomical costs of auto insurance. More detailed explanations are available on my website.

Ryan Manier
Did not return questionnaire by press time.


Macomb County Executive
Two candidates are running for one four-year term.

Joseph M. Hunt
Age: 52
Occupation: Computer Systems Engineer
Municipality of residence: City of Warren
For how long: 26 years
Online campaign information: Google
Education: Macomb Community College, Ferris State College, Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: Several top goals to be addressed once elected to the Macomb County Executive position would be: 1) Appoint proactive citizens to departments, boards, commissions, and authorities 2)Overhaul the IT, Legal, and Human Resources departments with reorganization provisions of the County Charter, 3) engage federal authorities to address internal government corruption regarding pay to play contracts, 4) fix the deplorable roads and unsafe bridges , and 5) promote Macomb as a regionalized, international Motor County.

Mark A. Hackel (I)
Age: 56
Occupation: Macomb County Executive
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: Lifelong Macomb County Resident
Online campaign information: www.markhackel.com
Education: Masters of Science Administration Degree, May 1996
Central Michigan University - Public Administration​
Bachelors of Arts Degree​, December 1991
Wayne State University - Criminal Justice​
Graduate​, June 1980
Sterling Heights High School, June 1980
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Sheriff: 2001-2010
Macomb County Executive: 2011 - Present
Top goals: My top priority is to continue encouraging families, businesses, and other organizations to Make Macomb Their Home. I will accomplish that by maintaining the momentum in population growth, economic expansion, roads and infrastructure improvement, government efficiency and social improvement programs that has led to unprecedented progress in Macomb County over the past 8 years.


Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Two candidates are running for one partial term ending Dec. 31, 2020. A third candidate, Harrison Cloyd Cloke, is a write-in candidate.

Lisa Sinclair
Age: 42
Occupation: Staff Nurse (RN) Emergency Department, DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital
Municipality of residence: Harrison Township
For how long: Since March 2017
Online campaign information: Facebook.com/sinclair4clerk
Education: Michigan State University, BA, Political Science/Pre-Law and Macomb Community College, ADN, Nursing (RN)
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: We need an emergency room professional to straighten out the emergency in the Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds Office!
Lisa Sinclair (like Lake St. Clair) will bring a healing calm and quality back to the Office.
My campaign promise is: fair & efficient service with a smile, and tough enough to get the job done! I will be there in the very best of times (birth, marriage) and during the worst of times (death, divorce).

Fred Miller
Age: 45
Occupation: Deputy Treasurer, Oakland County Treasurer’s Office
Municipality of residence: Mount Clemens
For how long: 16 years at current address
Online campaign information: www.thefredmillerspot.com
Education: B.A. Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from James Madison College at Michigan State University
Previously held elected offices: Macomb County Commissioner for 3 terms (2011-2016); Michigan State Representative for 3 terms (2005-2010)
Top goals: Ensuring excellent customer service at the Clerk’s Office is my top priority. As County Commissioner I chaired the Finance Committee and have a detailed understanding of the Clerk’s budget, duties, and structure. I have a proven track record of reform – fighting pay hikes for politicians, installing checks and balances in county contracting, and authoring Macomb County’s first Ethics Ordinance. If elected, I will refuse the perks of a county car and free gas.


Macomb County Board of Commissioners District 1
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Mary Ellen Childs Age: 50
Occupation: Accountant
Municipality of residence: City of Warren
For how long: 48 years
Online campaign information: Mary Ellen Childs for County Commissioner D1, Facebook page
Education: Bachelor of Accountancy, Masters of Finance, Masters of Taxation from Walsh College and CPA.
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals:
1. Accountability – Ensure that all millages are properly used for their intended purposes.
2. Hold the line on taxes – Maximize every tax dollar and cut wasteful spending. 3. Fix the roads – Fight to get our fair share of tax dollars from the State of Michigan to repair our county roads and hold those accountable for the quality of work performed and materials used.

Andrey Duzyj (I) Age: 64
Occupation: Business owner, commissioner. Owner Trig Tool, Inc for 25 years.
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 62 years
Online campaign information: Andrey Duzyj Macomb County Commissioner District 1 Facebook page
Education: Assoc. of Arts, DSQR General Electric Aircraft Engine Group, Former member of Society of Planning Officials
Previously held elected offices:  Commissioner District 1, 6 terms
Top goals: I am running for Macomb County Commissioner to continue the programs that benefit Macomb County and the City of Warren. My background in business helps me during our budget deliberations to save taxpayer funds and spend what funds we have on programs that benefit everyone. We need county help in dealing with the opioid and drug problems in our city. Expanded Senior and Veteran services need to be implemented.


Macomb County Board of Commissioners District 2
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Gary Boike Age: 64
Occupation: District Supervisor for a Government Contract
Municipality of residence: Warren, Mi.     
For how long: 23 years
Online campaign information: www.boikeformacomb.com
Education: Graduated from Austin Catholic High School; Many college accredited courses relating to Law enforcement
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: As a Macomb County commissioner, I promise to hold the position with integrity and honesty.  I promise to promote jobs and businesses.  I will work hard to solve the pothole crisis that arises every year.  I will work hard to ensure the protection of our rivers and lakes, as well as improving the water and sewer infrastructure. Also I will work hard to combat the opioid problem in our county. No family should have to suffer the heartache of losing a loved one that opioid abuse brings.

Marvin Sauger (I) Age: 81
Occupation: Retired form Macomb County Sheriff’s Department - 24 years on department
Municipality of residence: Center Line
For how long: 75 years
Online campaign information: None
Education: Graduated St. Clement High School; attended law enforcement classes at Macomb Community College
Previously held elected offices: 24 years
Top goals: Why should voters elect me? Because of my long record of honesty, experience and involvement in my community Should County change spending habits? Spend when needed, but don’t stop progress. Look ahead not behind. Spend where progress is shown. What more can be done with our roads? Get written grants for the products. If possible, bid locally Should we stay in SMART? Absolutely. Take care of SMART because they take care of us.


Macomb County Board of Commissioners District 3
Two candidates are running for one two-year term.

Lawrence Joseph Behr
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Veronica Klinefelt (I)
Age: 54
Occupation: County Commissioner
Municipality of residence: Eastpointe
For how long: 25 Years
Online campaign information: I don’t have a campaign site but I do have a County Commissioner facebook page under my name Veronica Klinefelt
Education: Attended Macomb Community College, Graduated from Wayne State University with a BS in Criminal Justice.
Previously held elected offices: 8 years on Eastpointe City Council serving as Mayor-Protem, 6 years on East Detroit School Board.
Top goals: The most urgent issue is the condition of our roads. We are looking for unique ways to fund our infrastructure but ultimately we need our legislature to come up with a funding formula that will provide a lasting solution. Our county will lose valuable business opportunities as companies go elsewhere if roads aren’t properly funded. The opioid crisis and the condition of our jail will also dominate the next few years as priority issues.


16th Circuit Court Judge — New Judgeship
Two candidates are running for one eight-year term.

Julie Gatti
Age: 51
Occupation: Attorney, Law Office of Julie Gatti, PLLC  
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 27 years
Online campaign information: www.gattiforjudge.com
Education: B.A., Business Administration, Pre-Law, Michigan State University 1989; J.D., Wayne State Law School, 1995
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: My goal is to serve this community and its litigants as a level-headed, hard-working, impartial judge who interprets and applies the law without regard to politics or personal philosophy. Having appeared with clients in every courthouse within Macomb County for the past 22 years, I understand the role of a good judge and the importance of running a respectful and efficient courtroom. I will be committed to the fair administration of equal justice.

Elizabeth Pyden
Age: 43
Occupation: Attorney
Municipality of residence: Clinton Township
For how long: 43 years
Online campaign information: www.elizabethpyden.com
Education: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, BS/BA-1997; Wayne State University Law School, J.D. 2000
Previously held elected offices: Chippewa Valley Board of Education
Top goals:  
Make tough decisions decisively with balance and fairness
Honor and protect our community and keep it safe
Work with all agencies to find the right services for those who appear in court
Dedicate to fostering professionalism in and out of the courtroom
Respect of everyone who comes in the courtroom and offer a full opportunity to be heard
Efficient disposition of cases
Achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in the interpretation of the law

37th District Court Judge
Two candidates are running for two six-year terms.

John M. Chmura
Running unopposed.

Matthew P. Sabaugh
Running unopposed.

Michigan Supreme Court
Six candidates are running for two eight-year terms.

Samuel Bagenstos
Age: 48
Occupation: Law Professor and Civil Rights Attorney
Municipality of residence: Ann Arbor
For how long: 7 years
Online campaign information: http://www.BagenstosForJustice.com
Education: BA, University of North Carolina; JD, Harvard Law School
Previously held elected offices: N/A
Top goals: My principal goal is to ensure that the courts are there to step in and protect the people’s rights when the other branches of government are effectively closed to them. My career shows my commitment to helping amplify the voices of those whose rights have been violated. I have fought in court for accountability for the Flint Water Crisis, for the rights of individuals with disabilities, and for workers’ rights to bargain collectively.

Megan Kathleen Cavanagh
Age: 47
Occupation: Attorney
Municipality of residence: Birmingham
For how long: 3 years
Online campaign information: www.cavanaghforsupremecourt.com
Education: B.S. (Engineering), University of Michigan, 1993; J.D. Wayne State University Law School, 2000
Previously held elected offices: N/A
Top goals: When elected, I will work with lower courts and other stakeholders to find solutions to the problems of our juvenile justice system, such as diversion programs and specialty courts. The Supreme Court should work to increase the availability of legal aid to those who cannot afford an attorney, promote pro bono participation by the bar, and study ways to simplify court processes in order to ensure equal access to justice for all Michigan citizens.

Elizabeth T. Clement (I)
Age: 41
Occupation: Justice of Supreme Court
Municipality of residence: East Lansing
For how long: Lifelong
Online campaign information: www.clementforjustice.com
Education: Michigan State University College of Law, Juris Doctorate
Michigan State University Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: When I took the bench, I had two primary goals. First, to treat every person fairly and rule in an impartial, independent manner in accordance with the law as written. Second, to advance the work of problem solving courts so that we can expand our ability to provide our veterans, mentally ill, and addicted with the treatment they need. I have been successful in achieving these objectives and intend to carry them forward when elected.

Doug Dern
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Kerry Lee Morgan
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Kurtis T. Wilder (I)
Age: 59
Occupation: Michigan Supreme Court Justice
Municipality of residence: Oakland
For how long: One Year.
Online campaign information: www.wilderforjustice.com
Education: University of Michigan, A.B. in Political Science (May 1981), University of Michigan Law School, Juris Doctor (May 1984).
Previously held elected offices: Michigan Court of Appeals (December 1998-May 2017), Washtenaw County Trial Court Judge (March 1992-December 1998).
Top goals: My top goal as a Justice is to provide equal justice under the law. Having authored nearly 180 published Court of Appeals and Supreme Court opinions and participated in over 5,000 cases, I have the experience and commitment to serve the citizens of Michigan faithfully, with integrity and a high level of capability. My judicial philosophy is to interpret the law as written, not as I would like it to have been written.


Proposal 18-1
A proposed initiated law to authorize and legalize possession, use and cultivation of marijuana products by individuals who are at least 21 years of age and older, and commercial sales of marijuana through state-licensed retailers
This proposal would:
• Allow individuals 21 and older to purchase, possess and use marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles, and grow up to 12 marijuana plants for personal consumption.
• Impose a 10-ounce limit for marijuana kept at residences and require amounts over 2.5 ounces be secured in locked containers.
• Create a state licensing system for marijuana businesses and allow municipalities to ban or restrict them.
• Permit retail sales of marijuana and edibles subject to a 10% tax, dedicated to implementation costs, clinical trials, schools, roads, and municipalities where marijuana businesses are located.
• Change several current violations from crimes to civil infractions.
Should this proposal be adopted?


Proposal 18-2
A proposed constitutional amendment to establish a commission of citizens with exclusive authority to adopt district boundaries for the Michigan Senate, Michigan House of Representatives and U.S. Congress, every 10 years.
This proposed constitutional amendment would:
• Create a commission of 13 registered voters randomly selected by the Secretary of State:
- 4 each who self-identify as affiliated with the 2 major political parties; and
- 5 who self-identify as unaffiliated with major political parties.
• Prohibit partisan officeholders and candidates, their employees, certain relatives, and lobbyists from serving as commissioners.
• Establish new redistricting criteria including geographically compact and contiguous districts of equal population, reflecting Michigan’s diverse population and communities of interest. Districts shall not provide disproportionate advantage to political parties or candidates.
• Require an appropriation of funds for commission operations and commissioner compensation.
Should this proposal be adopted?


Proposal 18-3
A proposal to authorize automatic and Election Day voter registration, no-reason absentee voting, and straight ticket voting; and add current legal requirements for military and overseas voting and post-election audits to the Michigan Constitution
This proposed constitutional amendment would allow a United States citizen who is qualified to vote in Michigan to:
• Become automatically registered to vote when applying for, updating or renewing a driver’s license or state-issued personal identification card, unless the person declines.
• Simultaneously register to vote with proof of residency and obtain a ballot during the 2-week period prior to an election, up to and including Election Day.
• Obtain an absent voter ballot without providing a reason.
• Cast a straight-ticket vote for all candidates of a particular political party when voting in a partisan general election.
Should this proposal be adopted?

Center Line Public Schools Board of Education
Two candidates are running for one partial term ending Dec. 31, 2020.

Daniel Taylor (I)
Age: 42
Occupation: Teacher-Dearborn Public Schools/Fordson High School
Municipality of residence: Center Line
For how long: 14 years
Online campaign information: Committee to elect Dan Taylor-CLPS School Board
Education: Bachelors Degree Music Education 2002 (Eastern Michigan University)
Masters Degree Educational Leadership/K-12 Administration 2009 (Saginaw valley State University)
Previously held elected offices: Appointed to Center Line Board of Education July 2018
Top goals: Our district has shown considerable academic growth when compared county wide. The administration and teachers has been proactive in creating unique educational experiences for our students through the implementation of project based learning.  I will continue to support our administration, teachers and building staff as we provide meaning to what our students are learning and how it can be applied to the jobs that are available after high school.

Wendy Watters
Age: 42
Occupation: Chef/CLPS Volunteer
Municipality of residence: Warren, Michigan
For how long: 16 years
Online campaign information: I do not have an Online campaign page but I can be reached via email at wendywatters@gmail.com
Education: Franklin County High School, Winchester, TN
Associate of Science Culinary Arts
Associates of Science Hospitality Management
Sullivan University- Louisville, Kentucky
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: My goals are to bring staff, administrators, students and families together creating a strong community with growth in education. When families and stakeholders are involved in schools, children benefit greatly. I will prioritize fiscal accountability by reviewing budgets, ensuring programs are funded in all areas providing maximum success opportunities. I will ensure that CLPS has a safe and secure environment by supporting training for safety procedures utilizing the latest resources to protect children’s safety.


Fitzgerald Public Schools Board of Education
Three candidates are running for two six-year terms.

Judy L. Furgal
Age: 68
Occupation: No answer given
Municipality of residence: No answer given
For how long: No answer given
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: No answer given
Previously held elected offices: No answer given
Top goals: I am currently a member of Fitzgerald Public Schools Board of Education and I am running for re-election. I am 68 years old, and have been involved in Public Education for over 40 years. I am proud of the work that has been accomplished at Fitzgerald and feel that my education and experience qualifies me to continue with this work. My love for this great community cannot be expressed.  Thank you so much!!

Sadia Jiban
Did not return questionnaire by press time.

Julia Yorkel
Did not return questionnaire by press time.


Warren Woods Public Schools Board of Education
Five candidates are running for three six-year terms.

Mitchell Bonga
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 20 years
Online campaign information: https://www.facebook.com/Mitchell-Bonga-for-Warren- Woods-Board-of-Education-1718048454983560/
Education: Graduated from Warren Woods-Tower High School in 2015, currently enrolled at Wayne State University with a Political Science major and English minor
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: As a young person, I believe it’s important to get youth involved in government so that our voices are heard. When I’m elected to the Warren Woods Board of Education, I will work to raise staff wages because our district is losing many good teachers, bring back classes like shop so our children learn life skills, promote trade skills because not everyone is meant for college, and encourage civic participation among our youth.

Scott Hiller
Age: 35
Occupation: Electrician
Municipality of residence: Warren Woods Public Schools
For how long: 33 Years
Online campaign information: Facebook.com/Hiller4Warren
Education: WWTHS Class ’02, Electrical Industry Training Center Class ‘11
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: I will work on ensuring good teachers stay with the district, because good teachers make good students. I would also explore ways on increasing student enrollment. I want to show students that college isn’t the only option after high school. Entering into a trade provides someone with a job while more importantly providing an education. All of these will continue to make Warren Woods Public Schools a leader in Macomb County.
Donald Marx (I)
Age: 55
Occupation: Senior Automotive Designer
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 25 years
Online campaign information: No answer given
Education: Associate Degree: Auto Body Design
Previously held elected offices: Warren Woods Board of Education
Top goals: I have been on the School Board since 2005. I enjoy being part of a team that works toward the same goal of making our district a great place for kids to succeed and teachers to work. We have been fiscally responsible over the years by making long term goals. By balancing the cost of education we are still able to provide an environment that promotes learning and stability.

Michael Schulte
Age: 53
Occupation: International Rep for the Communications Workers of America (CWA)
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 25 years
Online campaign information: None
Education: Associates Degree from Macomb Community College, Graduate of Notre Dame High School
Previously held elected offices: None
Top goals: I continue to advocate for Warren Woods Public Schools. I am in our state Capitol often for work and use relationships I have built, to speak on behalf of Public Education.  I support the “School Finance Research Collaborative”, and will push for further Vocational and CTE programs to provide alternative options for our students. WWPS has provided excellence in education as well as extra-curricular activities, allowing students to be their best, at whatever they choose to do.

Kay F. Walsh (I)
Age: 65
Occupation: Retired
Municipality of residence: Warren
For how long: 65 years
Online campaign information: None
Education: High School Diploma - Warren Woods High School 1971
Previously held elected offices: Warren Woods Board of Education - 1996 to present
Top goals: I have been a resident of Warren Woods for 61 years, and have been a board member since 1996. I graduated from Warren Woods in 1971. I care deeply about our district and the future of our students.  Student safety is very important to me, ensuring that we have the most updated precautions in place including replacing school buses. Keeping our students competitive by updating: technology, schools, playgrounds, athletic facilities while maintaining a fund balance.


Van Dyke Public Schools Building and Site Sinking Fund Tax Proposal
This proposal authorizes the Van Dyke Public Schools to levy a building and site sinking fund tax, the proceeds of which will be used to make improvements and repairs to the School District’s facilities and to purchase technology. Pursuant to State Law, the expenditure of the building and site sinking fund tax proceeds must be audited, and the proceeds cannot be used for teacher, administrator or employee salaries, maintenance or other operating expenses.
Shall the Van Dyke Public Schools, County of Macomb, Michigan, be authorized to levy one (1) mill ($1 per $1,000 of taxable valuation), for a period of ten (10) years, from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2029, to create a building and site sinking fund to be used for the construction or repair of school buildings, school security improvements, the acquisition or upgrading of technology or for other purposes, to the extent permitted by law? This millage if approved and levied, would provide estimated revenues to the School District of approximately three hundred sixty four thousand ($364,000) dollars during the 2019 calendar year.