Nowadays, home designs might  include much larger walk-in closets with drawers, mirrors and plenty of accessories.

Nowadays, home designs might include much larger walk-in closets with drawers, mirrors and plenty of accessories.

Photo by Alex Szwarc

Walk-in closets, darker siding among 2020 trends

By: Alex Szwarc | C&G Newspapers | Published February 5, 2020

METRO DETROIT — Darker window siding and larger walk-in closets appear to be early home trends in 2020.     

The Novi Home Show took place Jan. 24-26 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. There, a couple of local vendors discussed renovations, repairs and the latest home trends.

Mike Stewart, the owner of Mint Closets in Utica, a custom closet business, said that new home designs include much larger walk-in closets.

“They have drawers, mirrors and all kinds of accessories,” he said. “That would be the new trend.”

On display at the show was a 16-by-12-foot closet, which Stewart said used to be only for the “rich and famous.”

”Now it’s the norm,” he continued. “Some have peninsulas, a bench, and instead of having dressers, you can have jewelry drawers — any width or height drawer you would like.”

Stewart said the number of closet finishes over the years has increased to hundreds of colors and textures.

“When we started, there was only two or three,” he said.

In regard to closets, Stewart said he’s seeing more and more empty-nesters converting spare bedrooms into walk-in closets.

“The newer homes and designs tend to have larger closets,” he said. “Pantries are also a big deal right now, with full cabinetry on the bottom. It all depends on the layout of the home.”

He noted that accessories can always be added to a closet after it is installed.

“The closet industry as a whole is off the charts with how it’s expanding,” Stewart said.  

Jason Sawinski, the general manager of Performance Residential Remodeling in Shelby Township, said his focus is on windows and siding.

“For windows, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of innovation,” he said.

One trend that Sawinski is noticing in the world of siding is that folks are going with darker colors.

“There’s some real rich colors in siding and decking,” he said. “Everything is shifting now because the products are better. You can do darker colors without it fading or peeling, which was a problem with everything in the past.”

Sawinski said the top areas of a home that folks want remodeled are decks and siding.

“You get the presence of your home with the siding, and decking is for the pleasure part of it,” he said.

For those wondering about the right time to remodel, Sawinski said the time is right when they can afford it.

“If you notice any damage to whatever it is you want to remodel, it’s time. A professional would be able to see that something is damaged in advance because they can see something a layperson wouldn’t,” he said.

If a homeowner can see whatever the issue is, Sawinski said that means the issue has progressed to the point where there can shortly be a problem.

“If they can see the problem, then it’s time to get it done now,” he added.

He recommends that folks take on one home project at a time, depending on the size of a home.

“A small ranch in Warren probably could do the roof, siding and windows all in one summer and be done with it, whereas in West Bloomfield, it’s trickier,” Sawinski said.