Bryan Ede transports a dachshund during one of his flights for Dachshund Haus Rescue.

Bryan Ede transports a dachshund during one of his flights for Dachshund Haus Rescue.

Photo provided by Bryan Ede

Utica man uses his plane to rescue dachshunds

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published August 12, 2019


UTICA — A Utica man was recognized July 25 as a 2019 Change Agent for flying his plane to save at-risk dogs in addition to helping a Sterling Heights dog rescue receive a $2,000 donation.

Change Agents is a program through Safeco Insurance that recognizes independent agents who have made a difference through their volunteer efforts with local nonprofits in the areas of animal welfare, community safety, food insecurity, supporting troops and veterans, and education.

Bryan Ede, president of Michigan Insurance and Financial Services, won the award for using his pilot license and his own plane to fly at-risk dachshunds from Ohio, Illinois and Indiana to Michigan.

The rescue that received the donation was Dachshund Haus Rescue, a nonprofit organization in Sterling Heights that helps dachshunds of all ages find their forever homes.

The dog rescue missions started as an insurance referral between Ede and Jennifer Wright, of Dachshund Haus Rescue.

Ede learned that Wright rescues dachshunds from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, and he volunteered his services and plane.

In the last 18 months, Ede and the rescue have helped a total of 117 dachshunds. The dogs received care before being paired with families.

The $2,000 will be used toward vet fees for the dogs, which run anywhere from $600 to $800 per dog.

Wright said the donation will benefit dogs that are in desperate need of help.

“Most of the dogs we take in have had little to no vetting or are behind and need the works. Historically, doxies have bad teeth, and dental work is our highest vet cost. We just spent $1,200 on one dog alone who had to have 26 teeth removed that were all rotten to the bone,” she said via email.

“On average, we take in an average of one to two dogs per week, sometimes more and sometimes less. This $2,000 donation will be able to help at least three dogs.”

Safeco chose 10 finalists for the awards. A Facebook album was created on the Safeco Insurance page, and the public was invited to vote for the winner.

The two agents who received the most likes and comments on their photos were recognized nationally as Change Agents.

The top two vote-getters were selected nationwide for a Change Agent award, and one was Ede.

“The Change Agents program recognizes agents’ passion projects to support causes and organizations that are meaningful to them,” Kellie Guinan, Safeco Insurance metro Detroit territory manager, said in a press release.

Ede said he has been doing rescue flights for Dachshund Haus Rescue for almost two years.

“I used to have a wired hair dachshund named Oscar. He was an amazing dog and made me fall in love with the breed. He passed away seven years ago, and I love doing these flights not only in his memory, but giving these rescue dogs a new life or saving them from being put to sleep. I have flown about 20 dachshunds,” Ede said in an email.

He said he has flown more than 7,500 miles to help the rescue dogs.  

“My average flight round-trip is around 500 miles,” he said.

Ede said the process of him finding out about dogs that need rescuing is pretty simple.

“Dachshund Haus Rescue will notify me when they have a long-distance dog that needs to be transported. My availability is usually open when it comes to flying a rescue dog; usually the only thing (that) stops me or delays me is the weather,” he said.

“Usually I end up flying out during the week. I have a great staff at my office that usually make sure my desk is covered so I can fly out,” he said.  

Wright said the flights are easier on the dogs.

“The dogs enjoy the flights. The sounds of the plane always put them at ease and into a slumber. Flying is also less traumatic for the dogs, because it’s a shorter travel time than being transported by vehicle. Although, flying incurs another expense because we have to pay for the certificate for them to cross the state line, which is normally about $50 to $60 because you have to pay for an office visit to get it, and the rescue pays it,” said Wright.

“We currently have approximately 30 foster homes located all over the state of Michigan and northern Ohio, so depending on who has room to foster a dog is where they will go. Bryan Ede has been gracious enough to fly them up north to foster homes in Houghton Lake and Kalkaska,” said Wright.

Ede said other dog rescues have reached out to him after hearing about his dog rescue trips.

“Other dog rescues have seen what I have done and have reached out to me for my services. I have flown an old English sheepdog and a cat for a military family.

“We love to help the community we serve, especially those without a voice,” Ede said.

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