Two injured in shooting outside The Bosco in downtown Ferndale

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published August 30, 2019

 Two men were shot outside The Bosco during the early morning Friday, Aug. 30. Ferndale police said they had two people in custody in connection with the shooting.

Two men were shot outside The Bosco during the early morning Friday, Aug. 30. Ferndale police said they had two people in custody in connection with the shooting.

Photo by Mike Koury


FERNDALE — Two people are in custody after multiple people were injured in a shooting outside The Bosco in downtown Ferndale.

Police were called to The Bosco, 22930 Woodward Ave., at 1:05 a.m. Friday, Aug. 30, after two men were shot in an altercation with two other people. The shooting took place outside the lounge on the sidewalk.

The two people injured were a 37-year-old Detroit man and a 36-year-old Detroit man. Ferndale Police Department Sgt. Baron Brown said that the 36-year-old suffered a gunshot wound to the hand and was taken to Beaumont Hospital before police arrived on the scene. He has since been treated and released.

The 37-year-old suffered critical injuries and was transported by Ferndale Fire and Rescue to Beaumont, Brown said, where he underwent surgery. He remained in critical condition as of Aug. 30.

Brown described the scene at The Bosco as “chaotic,” as there was a nightclub full of people at the time of the shooting, with people running around because of what had happened, though police were able to control the scene.

Police recovered three of what were described as “popular calibers of semi-automatic handguns.” They were found on the ground in front of the building.

“There were indications that two people that were still on scene were the owners of two of those guns,” Brown said. “We have two persons of interest in custody right now. We’re in the initial phases of the investigation, so we don’t have a lot of answers right now. We’re moving towards that destination, though, pretty quickly.”

Police wouldn’t confirm if the third gun recovered belonged to one of the two men who were shot, as well as any details on the two people of interest.

“Right now, we need to work under an abundance of caution because we want to do the right thing, and maybe putting that out right now, at some point in time, won’t be the right thing,” Brown said. “It might come back to bite us. So we’re going to stand mute on that.”

Brown said Aug. 30 that police wouldn’t be going into the details of what caused the shooting, as investigators were still trying to put those pieces together. Brown did say that there was no “randomness” to the event, but that it wasn’t planned.

“This was an event that occurred out of some sort of altercation that we’re just not ready to talk about the details of, mainly because we don’t have the details of it,” he said.

“That’s part of what we’d love to know, and that’s part of what we’re driving to, is to find out what started this, what led to three people pulling out guns and at least two of them shooting.”

Brown said many shots were fired, but that this was “in no way, shape or form” a mass shooting incident.

As of press time Aug. 30, the Ferndale Police Department was presenting its case to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office for possible charges.

Brown called the shooting “very unusual” and an “anomaly” for Ferndale.

“It’s proof that it can happen anywhere at any time, regardless of how many cops you have out there and how visible they are,” he said. “We have to be ready and have thought about this stuff before it happens, because it can happen at any time.”