Troy district court gets good marks in recent survey

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published March 1, 2017


TROY — In a random survey taken over a one-week period last fall, the 52nd District Court, which includes the 52-4 District Court next to the Troy Police Department, got a solid B grade. 

The Michigan Supreme Court and the State Court Administrative Office conducted the statewide survey, asking court users whether the courts were accessible, timely and fair. Survey participants have completed about 100,000 surveys since the program started in 2013. 

“Because we serve the public, their views play an important role in helping us determine how to improve court operations,” Chief Judge Julie Nicholson said in a prepared statement. “I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of the judges and staff at the 52nd District Court. They strive to provide better and more efficient services to the individuals who use the courts.” 

The survey results help courts to identify strengths, provide positive feedback to employees and target areas for improvement, the release explains.

Over 85 percent of those who responded to the survey said 52nd District Court staff, magistrates and judges treated them with courtesy and respect; 80 percent said they were able to complete their court business in a reasonable amount of time; and 77 percent said the district court handled their cases fairly. 

“We’re busy, and a lot of people come through,” said 52-4 District Court Judge Maureen McGinnis. She noted that the survey is conducted when there are potential jurors in the court. 

Attorneys, jurors, litigants and others who came to the court were surveyed, McGinnis said. 

“They do it on a yearly basis,” said McGinnis. “Sometimes it’s difficult to make everybody happy. We’re happy with the results. They indicate people feel they’re heard and the courts are accessible to them, and they’re treated fairly and professionally.

“We’re excited and happy to know everybody in the district court is doing a good job,” McGinnis added. 

The 52nd District Court also serves Oakland Township, Rochester and Rochester Hills.