Township moves forward with hiring purchasing specialist

New policy nears completion

By: Joshua Gordon | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published July 30, 2018

 Macomb Township Clerk Kristi Pozzi was happy to have the recruitment process start in July for a purchasing specialist after she brought the motion forward initially in February.

Macomb Township Clerk Kristi Pozzi was happy to have the recruitment process start in July for a purchasing specialist after she brought the motion forward initially in February.

Photo by Patricia O'Blenes


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — The recruitment process for a purchasing specialist is underway more than four months after Macomb Township Clerk Kristi Pozzi was met with opposition for trying to hire for the position in late February.

The Macomb Township Board of Trustees has been going through its purchasing policy for some time after questions were raised about how department heads were going about the bid process for township projects.

Foley & Mansfield provided a report on the purchasing policy in January and suggested updating a policy that has not been renewed or updated since 2015 and was missing several best practices. Afterward, Pozzi suggested hiring a purchasing specialist to not only assist in bid processes, but help draft a new purchasing policy.

However, the vote in February was split with Pozzi and trustees Tim Bussineau and Nancy Nevers voting in favor of recruiting a specialist at that time, and Treasurer Karen Goodhue, Trustee Roger Krzeminski and Supervisor Janet Dunn voting against it.

The vote was split because Trustee Dino Bucci has not attended a meeting since being brought up on an 18-count indictment last November in regards to charges of embezzlement, among other things. Because it was split, the motion did not pass.

At the time, Goodhue said she wanted the current staff to look at the policy and develop an outline so a purchasing specialist would be coming on board with a plan.

Human Resources Director Thomas Esordi said at a June meeting that the policy is close to being done and brought up the recruitment process again. The motion to recruit for the position was approved, with only Krzeminski voting against it.

“We have been working quite a bit on the purchasing policy and we are very close to finalizing that,” Esordi said. “In that process, we took a look at the purchasing specialist position and how it would interact with the purchasing policy. We looked at a couple different scenarios and this is what we have come up with.”

A second motion, which was approved unanimously, modified the position description to include more details on the purchasing policy. 

The Board of Trustees initially approved a purchasing specialist position in January 2010 for the finance department to work with Finance Director Stacy Smith. But, Smith said it was decided informally that the position would not be filled.

Since that time, the township has grown about 20 percent in population and there are more than 30 additional employees since 2010.

Pozzi said the position posted July 13 and it will close Aug. 3. She said the person will assist in completing the purchasing policy draft and then work with department heads on doing bids from start to finish.

The person will also go through all contracts that exceed $10,000 and make sure the township is getting the best price and quality of work.

“Currently, our finance director oversees the bidding process and it is too much for one person to do,” Pozzi said. “I think we need to have specific job functions and duties and have someone who has time to finish the bid process from start to finish and assist department heads.”

While it took a few months to get to this point, Pozzi said she is glad the process of hiring a purchasing specialist is moving forward.

“I am thankful the board finally saw the light on how this is an important position for the township,” Pozzi said. “It will be beneficial to us as a whole and to the residents to make sure the processes are followed.”